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Carpet Cleaning in Elk Grove Village, IL

(847) 558-7765

A room’s carpet is considered one of the most comfortable and aesthetic flooring options available. While it not only provides padding and softness for the feet, its color also compliments the room. However, if it contains a lot of dirt and debris from frequent foot traffic, it will substantially detract from the rest of the room.

In addition, stains and spills can cause discoloration, and fading, and ultimately break down the carpet fibers. However, ProTech Restoration provides professional carpet cleaning services in the Elk Grove Village, IL area. We use advanced products and equipment to fully restore the new look of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services by ProTech Restoration

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Although carpets within the home will not receive nearly as much foot traffic as commercial buildings; however, they will still become prone to accidental spills, dirt, and other debris. Over time, as dust will become embedded within the fibers, they will start to deteriorate. While a vacuum is able to remove the majority of dirt, it will not remove all particles that have become trapped underneath; they will need to be removed through professional carpet cleaning. As a result, ProTech Restoration recommends that you have your carpet cleaned at least once a year, not only to maintain the new look, but to extend the overall lifespan.

Carpet Cleaning Process

To have your carpets professionally cleaned, ProTech Restoration uses an advanced technique that has left carpeting of all types in pristine condition; this is known as the hot water extraction method. In this procedure, a cleaning wand is used to apply a sanitizing solution mixed with warm water deep within the carpet fibers. As the solution loosens the dirt and dust, they are both extracted out of the carpet and into a holding tank. The carpet only then requires 24 hours to be dried effectively.

The following steps are taken in our carpet cleaning services:

  • Inspection of the carpeted area
  • Pre-treatment to remove/dampen stains
  • Pre-vacuuming to remove all loose dirt and dust
  • Application of the hot water extraction method to remove embedded dirt, stains, and other debris
  • Post-treatment of stained areas
  • Grooming of the carpet fibers to preserve them
  • Insertion of pads underneath furnishings to protect carpeting
  • Final inspection to guarantee your satisfaction

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Our commercial carpet cleaning services cover buildings of all types and sizes, from small retail stores to large office buildings. While it is important to keep the workplace as clean and organized as possible, it can easily become dirty and outdated if the carpet contains stains and debris. ProTech Restoration in Elk Grove Village, IL will ensure to restore the new look of the carpet, even bringing back the modern and clean appearance to the entire room. Our services also include regular maintenance appointments to maintain that fresh new look at all times.

Certified Carpet Cleaning Services by ProTech Restoration

The following benefits are associated with regular carpet cleaning services:

  • Maintenance of carpet color and texture
  • All dirt and debris will be completely removed
  • Stains and spills can be quickly removed through frequent cleanings
  • The lifespan of the carpet will be extended

If your carpet looks faded, worn-down, or overall dirty, a vacuuming job can only pick up a portion of the dirt.

Pet stain & odor removal

Pet stain and odor removal from carpets is a common concern for pet owners who want to maintain a clean and fresh living environment. These challenges frequently occur as a result of accidents or behavioral issues. Effective pet stain and odor removal typically requires a two-step process. To effectively remove a stain, start by gently blotting and lifting as much of the substance as you can. Cleaning solutions specifically formulated for pet stains can effectively break down and remove the stains.

The next aspect involves addressing the persistent odor. Specialized enzymatic cleaners are effective in breaking down the organic components of pet messes, eliminating the source of the odor instead of just masking it. Thoroughly cleaning and treating the affected area can restore the carpet’s appearance and help prevent pets from re-soiling in the same spot. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to accidents can help maintain a clean and odor-free home for both pets and their owners.

If the steps for removing pet urine stains do not fully eliminate the stain or odor, Nuera Restoration and Remodeling offers odor removal and carpet cleaning services to effectively remove the stain. Our odor removal services utilize specialized equipment, technologies, and procedures to eliminate odors at their source and prevent future recurrence.

Free Estimate for Carpet Cleaning in Elk Grove Village, IL

Looking to rejuvenate your carpets in Elk Grove Village, IL? Look no further than ProTech Restoration! Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial spaces. We understand the importance of clean and fresh carpets, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. ProTech Restoration is available at (847) 558-7765 to provide professional carpet cleaning to the homes and businesses of Elk Grove Village, IL. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet Cleaning

How much does it cost to clean a large carpet?

Carpet Cleaning costs depend on the size of the carpet and the deep cleaning method it requires for different types of carpets. In general, the price ranges from $125 to $250. Carpet with water damage, stain, or odor would typically be more expensive.

How do I find the best carpet cleaning company?

  • Their Cleaning Methods. ProTech Restoration provides comprehensive cleaning methods: steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Experience: ProTech Restoration has over 20 years of carpet cleaning both for commercial and residential properties.
  • Insurance, Licensing, and Bonding: All of our carpet cleaners are insured, bonded, and certified.
  • What Products They Use: ProTech Restoration uses eco-friendly products that guarantee safety for your family and our own.
  • Reviews: We have more than 150 Google 5-star Google Reviews for our services, work ethics, and professionalism.
  • Quotes: We quickly schedule an inspection and provide you with the best quote quickly. We has zero financing program that let you pay in installment with no interest if needed.

How many times should I go over carpet cleaning?

ProTech Restoration would recommend you shampoo and steam clean your carpet every 6 months, and professional deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Information

How to Vacuum Your Carpets More Efficiently

  • Select Optimal Starting and Finishing Points: Identify strategic locations to begin and end your vacuuming pattern for systematic coverage.
  • Proper Vacuum Handling: Employ correct techniques for maneuvering the vacuum cleaner to achieve thorough and even cleaning.
  • Cord Management: Ensure the cord is managed efficiently to prevent tangling and facilitate uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Choose the Appropriate Vacuum: Choose a vacuum cleaner that aligns with your carpet type and specific cleaning needs.
  • Utilize Vacuum Cleaner Attachments: Make use of various attachments to address specific cleaning challenges and reach tight spaces.
  • Consider Motor Power: Assess the motor power of your vacuum to determine its suction capabilities and suitability for your carpets.
  • Evaluate Filtration Efficiency: Select a vacuum with effective filtration systems to trap dust and allergens, contributing to cleaner air quality.

Practically, when it comes to carpet cleaning in an area of 160 square feet, it is expected to be efficiently completed within approximately 20 minutes.

How to Choose a Vacuum That’s Great for Cleaning Carpets

  • Corded Vs. Cordless
  • Powered Brush Bars Are Essential for Carpets
  • Variable Suction is Important if Your Home Has Multiple Carpet Types
  • Make Sure the Vacuum is Convenient to Use
  • Don’t Overlook Robot Vacuums

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet

Choosing between carpet and hardwood flooring can pose a challenge, as both options come with distinct advantages and drawbacks. Carpets offer comfort and affordability, whereas hardwood floors offer durability and a timeless aesthetic appeal. A number of considerations, including sustainability, comfort, cost, and various other factors, must be carefully evaluated when making this decision.

Recent Reviews

Review by Amy Jachna

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Had a great experience working with Marshall when we had an emergency leak at my mom’s house. He immediately started working to salvage what we could. I felt like he absolutely understood the urgency, and treated my mom like his own! He and the rest of the team were super easy to work with and answered our (many) questions along the way. They were very transparent about the process which was extremely helpful as this was our first time with this kind of issue in 30+ years of owning the house. We so appreciate ProTech for aiding us during our time of need."

Review by Lynn Gibson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"My experience with ProTech was wonderful from the first visit thru the last. Ben did a great job of evaluating the work that needed to be done and explaining everything to me. Frank and Sergio were great to work with because they were pleasant AND they were so very careful about everything they did. All in all, I give the ProTech team an A+!"

Review by Kelsey Swyter

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I had a pipe burst and subsequent leakage into my basement. At first I thought that we maybe stopped it in time since we could not see obvious damage but Marshall at ProTech said it would be a good idea to check it out anyway and came out within a couple of days. I’m so glad he did since there was more damage than we anticipated. Marshall explained the damage thoroughly using his imaging techniques and provided a quote within the day. Pricing was good and our insurance accepted the proposal immediately. The ProTech team was able to do the water damage mitigation about a week after the incident and on a Saturday no less. Everything was done super quickly and professionally. While I do not want to deal with any more water damage, the repairs using ProTech were painless. I would recommend this company and especially Marshall to anyone in the same situation."

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