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Water Damage Restoration Company in Chicago, IL


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Since 1989, RestorationMaster has been providing quality disaster restoration and cleaning services in the city of Chicago, IL as well as the surrounding areas of Cook County.  Our technicians are certified, trained, and equipped to provide these services in commercial and residential settings. In addition, our reconstruction services have allowed us to rebuild homes and buildings that have sustained severe damage throughout a natural disaster. We are also a part of RestorationMaster’s nationwide catastrophic response network and participate in the restoration effort for major losses across the U.S.

The services that we provide in Chicago, IL include:

We use products and equipment of the highest quality while our technicians follow the principles laid out by OSHA, the EPA, and the IICRC.  Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day at (224) 585-0580 to respond with emergency disaster restoration services in Chicago, IL.

Water Damage Restoration in Chicago, ILWater Damage Restoration and Flood Cleanup – Chicago, IL

Water damage can occur in your home or building from a variety of sources, including: rain, flooding, leaking roofs, leaking pipes, burst pipes, and drainage or sewage backups. As it will spread quickly, this type of damage must be restored immediately in order to avoid extra time and costs in additional repairs in the future. RestorationMaster provides both water damage restoration and flood cleanup services to remove excess water from homes and buildings in Chicago, IL.  Our detection equipment will determine the extent of the damage as all excess water will be properly extracted and dried.

Fire-Damage-Restoration-Chicago-ILFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Chicago

As fires are considered to be one of the most dangerous and damaging types of natural disasters, quick action is imperative towards the restoration of your property. While the majority of damage is actually caused by the soot and smoke, the affected materials are prone to secondary, if not permanent damage if treatment is delayed. RestorationMaster provides emergency fire and smoke damage restoration services in Chicago, IL to effectively restore all building materials that have been damaged by the fire, smoke and soot. Our technicians are trained and equipped to use advanced products and equipment to safely remove the soot and smoke residue from the severely damaged materials, returning them to their original condition. We will also work with your insurance claims agent to expedite the process during this stressful time.

Mold-Remediation-Chicago-ILMold Remediation – Chicago, IL

Even though mold is a part of our natural environment, it can be dangerous if it starts growing in your home or building.  Mold is most likely to grow in areas that are dark and moist, attaching itself to organic surfaces, such as wood and drywall.  If not treated right away, the mold can spread into the air, causing allergic reactions and severe health risks. However, RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services to remove mold growth from homes and buildings in Chicago, IL.  Our technicians use the latest technology and equipment to completely remove mold and help prevent it from returning. We will also secure any areas that are at high risk to prevent mold from returning in the future.

Carpet Cleaning – Chicago, IL

Due to the carpet being the main furnishing of a room, its condition can have a severe impact on the aesthetics of the property. A dirty carpet, therefore, can severely detract from a guest’s first impression. It can even deter a future client from doing business as a result of being unprofessional. While a simple vacuuming job can remove the majority of dirt and debris, other particles can become trapped deep within the fibers. Only a professional carpet cleaning can have this effectively removed. RestorationMaster is available in Chicago, IL to provide professional carpet cleaning services. We use advanced equipment to fully extract all trapped dirt and debris, effectively restoring that new look of the carpet once again.

upholstery-cleaning-Chicago-ILUpholstery Cleaning – IL

As the furniture in a home or office is used frequently, the upholstery fabric is constantly accumulating dirt and debris that can quickly cause deterioration and discoloration.  Dirty or worn out furniture can also have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your home or office. However, RestorationMaster provides professional upholstery cleaning services to clean and restore all furniture in the homes and offices of Chicago, IL.  Our trained technicians use powerful but safe products and equipment to effectively extract all dirt and debris. These services will also extend the life of the furniture as they will be restored to their original condition.

Hoarding Cleaning Services for Chicago, ILHoarding Cleaning Services – Chicago, IL

While there are a number of Americans battling severe hoarding disorders today, the living conditions created by this anxiety can have a severe impact on others residing in the home. As the affected individual has developed a bond with all of his/her personal belongings, they begin to accumulate within the home. Over time, a number of safety risks are developed, including fire hazards, slip-and-trip hazards, and mold growth. While the hoard of items can include: books, newspapers, magazines, furniture, animals, and more, calling for help is crucial in returning safe and sanitary conditions within the property. RestorationMaster provides complete hoarding cleaning services to effectively remove the unwanted items, disinfecting the home, and ultimately restore proper living conditions.

Content Cleaning Pack-out Services – Chicago

In the event of a natural disaster, your building materials are not the only surfaces vulnerable to damage; your personal content can also be severely affected. As this damage can quickly spread and even become permanent, quick action for restoration is crucial. RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services for both commercial and residential properties in Chicago, IL. Our technicians are experienced and trained to carefully and effectively restore your damaged items to their original conditions. As we treat content of all types, we create complex chemical reactions that will effectively remove the damage without damaging the affected surface. Your items can also be packed out in the event that the condition of your property does not allow for an effective restoration.

Reconstruction Services –  IL

A natural disaster can not only be a threat to your safety, but also to your home. Damage from flooding, mold, and fires can severely impact the structural composition of your home. As your property is left in an unstable condition from the damage, reconstruction services are crucial in order to prevent additional or permanent damage. RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to provide emergency reconstruction services in Chicago, IL to effectively restore all homes and buildings to their original condition. Our services will cover all aspects of the repair process, including plumbing, framing, custom window treatments, painting, installation of drywall, and more. With our services, you won’t have to worry about hiring an outside contractor.

Post Construction Cleaning Services – Chicago

When discovering that your property is left in ruins from a recent reconstruction or renovation project, it can be overwhelming. In addition, it can also be dangerous to reenter as nails and screws left on the floor can cause serious injuries if they are stepped on. In addition, any water on the floor or walls can harbor the proper conditions for mold growth. Ultimately, if the mess is not cleaned right away it can cause destruction all over again. However, RestorationMaster provides professional construction cleanup services in the Chicago, IL area to effectively remove all dirt and debris from a construction site. Not only will we have the scene properly cleaned, but we will eliminate the potential for numerous future problems to occur. We will also assist during the insurance claims process to allow matters to run smoother for you. Finally, after a professional cleanup, you can return to a safe and sanitary environment once again.

Commercial Restoration – Chicago, IL

Any time you need emergency commercial disaster restoration services in Chicago, IL, call the professionals at RestorationMaster. We clean and restore damage from floods, mold infestations, fires, and other disasters in Chicago. We can also remove the horrible smells that linger long after a disaster is over. We use cleaning products and equipment that is not available to the general public to clean, sanitize, and restore even the worst looking items. Regardless of the size of the project or the extent of the damage, our experts have the equipment, tools, and experience to get your business back up and running.

Biohazard-Cleaning-for-Chicago-ILBiohazard and Trauma Cleanup – IL

Finding your property covered in biohazards from a loved one can not only be overwhelming, but traumatic. But as gruesome as this experience can be, calling for emergency services is crucial towards preventing the damage from spreading as well as law enforcement to open a new investigation. RestorationMaster is also available in the Chicago, IL area to provide effective biohazard and trauma cleanup services. Using professional cleaners, our technicians will be able to remove all traces of the biohazards, followed by eliminating lingering odors to fully restore the scene. We will also work around law enforcement’s investigation as well as with your insurance company to ensure a smooth claims process. Finally, you will be able to focus on family matters with the peace of mind knowing your property is handled properly.

Junk Removal – Chicago, IL

People let junk buildup in their homes for various reasons.  It is easy for a typical homeowner to let clutter build up for years in areas like the attic where they do not see the mass of items every day.  Some people end up with cluttered homes because of a hoarding issue, which has its own set of unique challenges.  Whether you are cleaning junk from your home, or cleaning out the estate of a family member, it helps to call a professional.  RestorationMaster provides junk removal on a large scale to help clean out properties in Chicago, IL.  We have the equipment to remove large amounts of junk and we can also clean and restore the home once the junk is removed.

Odor Removal – Chicago, IL

Lingering odors can become a real nuisance if they are not addressed promptly. Whether they are caused by smoke, water, mold, animals, or really anything else, RestorationMaster can remove them through our odor removal services in Chicago, IL. We employ advanced deodorization techniques and equipment to solve the problem. We will clean and deodorize your air spaces, as well as clean and deodorize affected materials.

Sewage Contamination Cleanup Services in Chicago, ILSewage Cleanup – Chicago

Life in Chicago, IL, is often filled with ups and downs. There is always something to do, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Additionally, there are instances where troubling property damage takes place. Common occurrences include sewage backups and leaks that involve contaminated water. At RestorationMaster, we provide complete sewage cleaning services to address these problems, restore your property, and get you back to enjoying life in the city. We utilize advanced water extraction and drying equipment, as well as powerful sanitization solutions and procedures. We decontaminate your property, and salvage as many areas and belongings as is safely possible.

Janitorial Cleaning – Chicago, IL

Keeping a clean environment within a commercial building is important because it gives employees a safe and comfortable place to work and makes a better impression on customers and visitors.  However, maintaining an office or commercial building takes a significant effort and some businesses may not be able to handle this on their own.  In this case, it helps to work with a professional that provides cleaning services.  At RestorationMaster, we provide janitorial cleaning services to help businesses in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.  We provide a variety of cleaning services to keep offices and commercial buildings in good shape and we can provide regularly scheduled cleanings for consistent maintenance.

Healthcare-Cleaning-Services-Chicago-ILHealthcare Cleaning Services – Chicago, IL

When providing medical services, healthcare facilities must be maintained, not only for patient satisfaction but to be compliant with industry standards. So not just any cleaning service can be hired. RestorationMaster provides healthcare cleaning services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs to promote clean and sanitized environments for both patients and staff. Before starting the cleaning, each of our technicians undergo a unique training program that focuses on a number of different cleaning standards within the medical field, such as quality assurance, problem areas commonly identified by healthcare professionals, safety regulatory compliance, etc. Our professionals are also committed to providing the best results as if they were patients about to be treated, ensuring that their work meets all industry standards.

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