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How to Prevent Future Water and Fire Damage

NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

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In any situation that you have experienced severe damage on you property, it is essential to call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling as soon as possible for emergency damage restoration services. But do keep in mind that there are simple steps that can be taken in order to significantly reduce your chances of dealing with a flood or fire in the future.

Preventing a Flood

  • Examine each water bill. If at any time you notice an unexpected change in your water bill, make sure to inspect each pipe to make sure that it is not leaking. If there are only a few drops, it can still cause water damage and raise the costs. Make sure to have this problem fixed right away.
  • Examine the gutters for blockages. Especially in the fall time, leaves may fall into the gutters that will create blockages for water. When this happens, water will spill out of the gutter and into your foundation which creates the potential for a basement flood. Make sure your gutters always allow water to flow away from your home or building.
  • Plant vegetation away from underground pipes. You will want to be mindful of any pipes that are located underground as any additional pressure they take on may cause them to burst. When planting vegetation with large, strong roots, they have the potential to wrap around the pipes and cause them to burst.
  • Frozen and burst pipe prevention. This is the #1 cause of water damage in the winter time, especially in the Midwest. As temperatures drop, the water in the exterior pipes will freeze. When this happens, the ice expands within the pipe and may cause it to burst if it is too strong. But this can be avoided by turning off the exterior water line and allowing warm air to circulate around the interior pipes.
  • Do not pour grease down the sink. While this may seem obvious, it is easily forgotten by many property owners. But instead of pouring it down the sink, pour it into a can and let it sit overnight. Then it can be thrown away in the morning. This will prevent blockages and damages within the pipes.
  • Use a drain snake instead of pipe cleaning chemicals. No matter how many times companies will advertise that their cleaning products will not harm the pipe, it is always difficult to remove all of the dirt and bacteria without causing damage.

While these steps will greatly reduce the chances of water damage or in-home flooding from occurring, it is impossible to prevent it altogether. That is why NuEra Restoration and Remodeling is always available to restore water damage while preventing it from spreading. We implement an advanced drying process in order to restore all building materials quickly and effectively.

If you have any questions regarding our services, you can also refer to our FAQ water damage cleanup page for general information about our services.

water damage repair - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Preventing Fire Damage

  • Examine all smoke alarms. A working fire alarm can save thousands of dollars in fire damage by letting you know right away when a fire has started. Make sure to inspect all units in every room within your home or building and ensure that they are in good working condition. The batteries should also be changed every six months.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended. Whether you have a candle burning or are cooking in the kitchen, it is never safe to leave a burning flame unattended. Especially if you have young children or pets, they must be supervised at all times and be kept away from any open flame.
  • Do not overload the circuits. While power strips can provide a lot of conveniences, it is important to make sure that the total wattage does not exceed 1500 on the same circuit. This also includes extension cords and fuse boxes. Always make sure to supervise young children around the outlets.
  • Properly clean all heat-related appliances. Especially if you use the fireplace and chimney often, they should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional. If you also use a space heater, it should be thoroughly cleaned as well. This allows for a clear path for the heat to come out and not accumulate within the machine.
  • Do not smoke in the house. Although many individuals did it 20 years ago, it is a dangerous fire hazard. Burning ashes can fall onto furniture and the carpet and start a flame. If you do need to smoke, do it outside or in the garage where nothing can catch on fire from a burning cigarette or cigar.

Neither water damage nor fires can be completely prevented, even if these simple steps are taken. Many property fires can even occur while the owner is away for an extended period of time. If this does happen, you must call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling immediately after the fire department to prevent the damage from spreading and begin the fire damage restoration process right away.

fire damage repair - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

In the event that you have experienced a natural disaster and are dealing with severe water or fire damage, it is imperative to call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling immediately at (630) 656-9915 in the Elk Grove Village, IL area.

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Review by Kiara Robinson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Clint and his team were AWESOME!!! He was very considerate of my time and space. I was very frustrated when he arrived & when he left I felt happy and relieved that my issue was resolved! He made sure to clean everything with non-toxic chemicals so that my kids would be safe, he explained everything he was doing and executed it perfectly. I had a leak in my ceiling and sewage water everywhere. He put in the time and hard work to disinfect, clean, and dry everything throughly. He was quick, efficient, and respectful! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who has an issue in their space. Thank you Clint."

Review by Sara Ofenloch

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Our technician Alec came in and re-padded the carpet that had been torn up last week due to water damage. He was so friendly and talkative, and worked very quickly to get the job done! In and out within 30 minutes so that I could get on with my day. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Alec!"

Review by Saima I

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"After our apartment flooded on Chirstmas Eve, we were worried about dry wall repairs and patches, and disgusted by the stench. NuEra handled our dry wall replacement and patching and our carpets. We didn't get a business card from the man who worked on our walls and ceilings, but he did so without his partner that day. We are so grateful! After the drywall repairs, our carpets were cleaned so thoroughly and efficiently. Alex treated the carpet and scrubbed it out well before applying the deodorizer and scrubbing that in. He even got out a bright yellow stain from the water that had leaked in. It's such a relief to no longer live in a stinky apartment! Alex and Nick were wonderful! Thank you so much!"

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