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Frozen Pipes Water Restoration In Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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Because of the dangerous cold and harsh winter weather that is common in Mount Prospect, IL and the neighboring areas, there’s a high risk for frozen and burst pipes. Water inside the pipes will freeze into ice when temperatures are cold enough, expanding in size as more water freezes. As the ice expands, it puts pressure on the pipe and can cause it to burst open. Not only will there be damage to the pipe from the burst, but there will also be water damage to the property from the water and ice that spills out.

Serving Mount Prospect, IL, and the neighboring areas, ServiceMaster by Metzler offers frozen pipe damage restoration services to help homes and business that have been affected by burst pipes. Our professional technicians help by extracting excess water, drying the affected areas, and then restoring what was damaged.

Frozen Pipes in Illinois

Frozen Pipes Water Restoration in Mount Prospect, IL 60056In many cases, frozen pipes will burst and spread water throughout your property. Knowing this, it is important to look out for any frozen pipes in your home or building.

If you find that a frozen pipe has burst in your home or business, promptly turn off the water supply. Afterwards, call us for our frozen pipe damage restoration services. You need to act quickly to prevent serious water damage. We will restore your property with our specialized equipment that extracts standing water and excess moisture from damaged materials such as furnishings, wood, and drywall. Once that extraction has finished, we move on to the restoration and check to make sure that there is no mold growth on your property.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures aren’t preventable, but frozen pipes are. Use these steps to prevent your pipes from freezing up:

  • Turn your faucets on to a drip so that water movement is constant in your pipes.
  • Allow pipes beneath sinks to get heated by opening up the cabinet doors. Air will be able to circulate around the pipes and warm them up.
  • Pipes in vulnerable areas should be insulated with pipe insulation or electrical tape.
  • Pipes without insulation can be heated by placing a space heater in the area, but you should only do this if it’s safe.
  • During the winter, take your garden hoses inside, and turn the outside water supply off.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

Some indicators of a frozen pipe are low water pressure and icy/frosty pipes. To find where the frozen pipe is located and thaw it, follow these steps:

  • Figure out which pipe line has the frozen pipe.
  • Figure out where the pipe is frozen by tracing the pipe line.
  • Keep an eye out for any frost, ice, or bulges on the pipe.
  • Thaw the frozen pipe with a heat lamp or heat dryer. Always refrain from thawing it with any kind of open flame.
  • The faucet for the affected line should be turned on to a trickle.

When a frozen pipe bursts, there’s a lot to handle with the potential for major damage. Make sure you take the preventative measures to limit the risk of frozen pipes. If a frozen pipe in your property does burst, first, turn the water supply off.

Emergency Response

Then, get in touch with ServiceMaster by Metzler at (847) 380-7888 for the frozen pipe damage restoration services we provide in Mount Prospect, IL, and the neighboring areas.

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