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Sewage Cleanup in Leesburg, VA

ServiceMaster of Greater Washington

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Floodwater in your home or business is already a major problem, but the presence of sewage makes the situation much worse.  Standing water quickly spreads and gets absorbed into surrounding porous materials and furnishings and these materials are more likely to experience permanent damage when they absorb sewage.  In addition to the property damage sewage causes, it is a threat to your health as it contains hazardous waste materials and microorganisms that can trigger illness or infection.  You need to stay clear of water that may contain sewage and call for professional cleanup.

At ServiceMaster of Greater Washington, we provide sewage cleanup and removal to help affected homes and businesses in Leesburg, VA.  Our IICRC-certified technicians have the equipment to safely and effectively remove sewage-contaminated water, and we can restore and disinfect the damaged areas.

Sewage-Cleanup-in-Leesburg-VAThe Dangers of Sewage Backups

There are several different ways your home or building can become affected by sewage.  A sewage backup can cause sewage to come up through the drains or floodwater already contaminated with sewage can flood your property.

It is important to act quickly if there is sewage on your property because it causes extensive, often permanent damage.  The porous building materials and furnishings that absorb the sewage water also absorb the waste materials with it.

Furniture, carpeting, drywall, and other materials that absorb sewage will likely need to be removed and replaced.

Sewage water is also dangerous for your health.  You need to use extreme caution if you believe the water on your property contains sewage to protect yourself and others from illness or infection.  Sewage may contain harmful toxins and pathogens, making it very important to avoid any contact with the water.

Calling our professionals once you find the sewage will help limit the overall damage and reduce the risk of health effects.

Sewage Removal and Cleaning in Leesburg, VA

Our technicians at ServiceMaster of Greater Washington are trained and equipped to remove hazardous sewage water and restore the affected areas to a safe condition.  Our advanced water extraction equipment will ensure the complete removal of the sewage and we will remove materials that are permanently damaged.  We will then restore damaged materials and furnishings that can be salvaged and thoroughly disinfect the affected area.

Our sewer backup cleaning services in Leesburg, VA include the following steps:

  • Removal of the sewage and water with advanced flood cleanup equipment
  • Removal of permanently damaged furnishings and building materials
  • Repair and restoration of materials that can be saved
  • Complete disinfection and cleaning
  • Odor removal

Contact Us for Sewage Cleanup in Leesburg, VA

Sewage on your property is a dangerous issue that requires immediate action.  If your home in the Leesburg, VA area is affected by sewage, call our professionals at ServiceMaster of Greater Washington for safe and effective sewage removal and cleanup.

We are available 24 hours a day at (540) 773-2083 for emergency sewage backup cleanup in Leesburg, VA.

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