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Mold Remediation in Leesburg, VA

ServiceMaster of Greater Washington

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No matter the amount, mold is a dangerous presence in homes and buildings because it can lead to significant property damage as well as adverse health reactions.  Mold growth typically starts due to water damage or moisture and it will continue to damage the affected surfaces and spread to new areas of the property until it is removed.  Those within the home or building also have a higher risk of experiencing health issues the longer they are exposed, making it very important to have mold removed as quickly as possible.

ServiceMaster of Greater Washington provides mold remediation services in Leesburg, VA to remove mold growth from affected homes and businesses.  Our IICRC-certified technicians will evaluate your property to find all mold growth and isolate the affected areas to prevent it from spreading.  We will then remove the mold using advanced remediation methods and equipment.

Mold-Remediation-in-Leesburg-VADamage Caused by Mold

Mold growth is known to cause significant property damage, especially if the problem is not addressed quickly, and it can lead to serious health issues.  The reason mold growth can form virtually any time is because mold spores are a natural presence in the air.

When the spores encounter an area that provides it with a source of moisture, they form mold colonies.  This makes it important to control the humidity level in your home and address water damage right away.

The main indoor food source for mold is cellulose, an organic substance that can be found in drywall, wood, wallpaper, carpeting, insulation, and other building materials.  Once mold growth forms, it eats the affected surfaces which results in damage that can weaken the materials.

Mold growth on wooden structures and drywall can lead to structural damage.  Mold growth is likely to spread after it appears by dispersing its spores to new areas.

The possible health issues caused by mold exposure are a major concern.  Exposure to mold can cause allergic reactions and prolonged exposure can lead to more serious issues like infections, especially in children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.  Symptoms of mold exposure include coughing, nasal congestion, skin irritation, headaches, trouble breathing, and itchy eyes and throat as well as more serious symptoms like respiratory infections and asthma.

Professional Mold Cleanup

It is important to call for professional mold mitigation as soon as you find mold growth to stop its spread, prevent permanent damage, and decrease the risk of negative health effects.  Our mold removal professionals will find all mold growth, including mold in hidden places, and contain the mold to protect unaffected areas.  If necessary, we will find and repair the source of the moisture or water that caused the mold growth.  Once the mold is removed, we will replace or restore the affected materials.

The mold restoration services we provide in Leesburg, VA include the following steps:

  • Initial assessment: We will assess the damage and locate all mold growth, as well as the moisture that caused the mold.
  • Isolation: The affected areas will be isolated to ensure that the spores don’t spread and cause new mold growth.
  • Remediation: Our mold specialists remove all mold growth using advanced remediation techniques.
  • Restoration and repair: We will fully clean, repair, and restore the damaged areas and remove permanently damaged materials from your property.

Contact Us for Mold Remediation in Leesburg, VA

You need to call ServiceMaster of Greater Washington as soon as you find mold growth to have it removed safely and effectively from your property.  Our mold specialists have the equipment to find and remove all mold and get the affected areas back to their original condition.

You can reach us at (540) 773-2083 for our mold remediation services in Leesburg, VA.

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