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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fremont, NE

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Commercial spaces experience extensive foot traffic each day and this repeated use of the carpet can eventually take its toll.  Commercial carpeting constantly gathers dirt and debris from the foot traffic and this debris settles deep in the fibers where it can lead to discoloration and noticeable wear and tear.

A dirty, worn out, or stained carpet can cause your visitors, clients, and employees to have a bad impression of your business.  RestorationMaster provides commercial carpet cleaning services to thoroughly clean and revitalize carpeting in offices and commercial buildings in Fremont, NE.  We can effectively deep clean your carpet to remove all embedded debris and stains with the hot water extraction method.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

A clean and well maintained carpet is an important step in having an impressive office space.  When the carpet becomes stained or discolored, it can affect the appearance of the entire space which can cause people to get an unfavorable impression of your business.  Clean carpeting can also help create a healthy and more comfortable environment as the debris within the fibers can affect the indoor air quality.

We use the hot water extraction method to completely remove dirt and debris from the carpet fibers which will improve its look and help the carpet last longer.  This cleaning method involves treating the entire carpet with a solution of mild detergent and hot water which loosens the debris, and extracting the solution and loosened soil back out.  If there are lingering stains, we treat them with specialized cleaning agents.

Our complete commercial carpet cleaning services include:

  • Pre-Treatment: High traffic areas and stains are pre-sprayed to help loosen the debris.
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: We thoroughly clean the carpet with the hot water extraction method which removes embedded debris and restores the original color of the carpet.
  • Certified Technicians: Each of our technicians have the experience to effectively clean commercial carpeting.
  • Long Term Protection: We can protect your carpet with a fabric and stain solution.
  • Convenience: We can clean your carpet in just one visit which prevents long interruptions to your business activities.
  • Free Estimate: We provide free carpet cleaning estimates based on our evaluation.
  • Guarantee: Your satisfaction with our services is guaranteed.

Do not let the dirty or worn out carpeting in your office reflect poorly on your company, call RestorationMaster or Fremont to clean and restore your carpet with professional commercial carpet cleaning services. These services will have your carpet looking like new and contribute to a healthier and more comfortable working environment.

Free Estimate

You can reach us at (402) 973-3858 to schedule a one-time cleaning for your office in Fremont, NE or set up regularly scheduled cleanings for consistent maintenance.

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