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Biohazard, Trauma, and Crime Scene Cleaning in La Vista, NE 68025

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When someone is critically injured or killed, it can be emotionally difficult and dangerous to your health, especially when coming across the scene of an accident or violent crime. Coming into contact with biohazard materials including blood and other tissues that are often at these scenes can largely increase the threat of contracting an infection or disease. If the scene is a crime scene, it is important that you contact law enforcement officials and EMTs, in addition to contacting a cleaning service that is accredited to expel biohazard materials.

ServiceMaster of Sarpy County can clean up biohazard materials from the location of a violent crime or accident, returning the area to a secure state and providing trauma and crime scene cleaning services in La Vista, NE.

Biohazard-Crime-Scene-Cleanup-La-Vista-NE-ServiceMaster-300x225Dangers and Damages from Biohazards

Tissues, blood, and other bodily fluids are often found along with other biohazard materials at the setting of a violent crime or major accident, and they can possibly carry infectious agents such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other toxic materials. Without the correct equipment or training, cleaning up these materials increases the threat of spreading disease or infection. Using the best personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning equipment of the industry, our technicians are properly certified to deal with the eradication of biohazard materials, working in compliance with OSHA and state health regulations.

When a violent crime or accident happens, it is imperative you contact law enforcement and EMTs to come to the scene first, and contact ServiceMaster of Sarpy County for trauma scene cleaning. Arriving in unmarked vehicles and working prudently to protect your privacy during a difficult situation, our technicians are trained to work with law enforcement officials as they inspect the location of the crime. We handle these situations with compassion to lessen the stress of those who are experiencing loss, as experiencing the death of a loved one or family member can be emotionally overwhelming.

Our biohazard and crime scene cleaning services include the following:

  • Honest respect and compassion from our technicians
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the scene, in addition to a comprehensive removal of all biohazard materials
  • Safely disposing of biohazard materials by transporting them to a licensed medical waste facility
  • Accordance with local, state, and federal health regulations

Do not hesitate to contact the right authorities and ServiceMaster of Sarpy County to clean and return the scene to its original state if you find yourself in a situation where a violent crime or serious accident has occurred.

Emergency Response

Our technicians are committed to being compassionate towards those who have been affected, and we make sure to clean up and restore crime and trauma scenes in La Vista, NE. We are available to provide emergency trauma and crime scene cleaning services 24 hours a day at (531) 365-0565.

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quick to respond and explained what they were doing and why

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Your men arrived promptly and survey the damage. They explained in detail what they were going to do and took measures to see what areas had water damage. As they kept us informed as they work on assessing the damage area. They brought in fans to dry the areas that were affected. The disposed of the things that were damaged. They were friendly and knew exactly what needed to be done.