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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services in La Vista, NE

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A natural disaster can strike at any time and in case your home has been affected by a flood or fire, it becomes your priority to salvage as much of your furniture and larger features on your property as possible. Even as you do this, you tend to forget about ensuring that your belongings are also cleared from the property and many things end up getting damaged very severely when a natural disaster strikes.

Sometimes, when you look at the condition of your belongings, you feel that the only option would be to get these things replaced. However, this may not always be the case. We at RestorationMaster provide prompt and effective content cleaning and pack-out services in La Vista, NE.

Content Cleaning Services La Vista, NE

Some of the effects of a natural disaster are moisture, mold, soot and smoke, and water damage. These can cause a significant amount of damage to your belongings and the only way to mitigate the damage is to act quickly; that’s what we do when you hire us for our customized content cleaning and pack-out services:

  • Our technicians will visit your home and conduct a very detailed check of the entire property. This helps them identify which things can be salvaged and restored.
  • They will clean & meticulously deodorize as well as sanitize all the belongings to alleviate the amount of damage and expense you have to incur.
  • The objective of using all the latest techniques and technology in our work is to ensure that the job is completed in a very efficient manner so you can move back in as quickly as possible and bring things back to normalcy.
  • We also help you with all the paperwork required for your insurance claims

Pack Out Services

There are times when the premises is deemed unsafe. In such situations where there is excessive damage to the property, we remove all the items that can be salvaged and take them to our facility for through cleaning and restoration. Once our experts treat and restore your content, we store them at our facility and deliver them back to you when you are ready.

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If a natural disaster has caused widespread damage to your personal belongings, we can help clean and salvage your belongings as part of our content restoration and pack out services in La Vista, NE.  You can call us at (402) 673-6244 24 hours a day for emergency response.

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