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Among the disaster restoration and cleaning services that RestorationMaster provides includes:


  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood cleanup
  • Mold remediation
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Content Cleaning and Pack Outs
  • Carpet and upholstery drying and restoration
  • Hoarding cleaning
  • Emergency board ups and tarping
  • And much more!

If your property has suffered severe damage, our technicians will conduct complete restoration services to rebuild your home or building. We take pride in assisting our local community, having done restoration work for local hospitals and the local school district. In 2014, we earned a nomination for the Marion E. Wade Award thanks to our technicians’ commitment and hard work. It was a proud honor for us, as the award is the most honorable one that RestorationMaster gives to one of its franchises.

If you have an emergency in Bellevue, NE, RestorationMaster is available to help on a 24/7 basis. We can be reached by calling (402) 673-6244.

Water Damage Restoration – Bellevue, NE

Water is the most common cause of property damage because of the various ways it can occur including natural flooding, rain, burst pipes, leaks, and more. Regardless of the source, the water spreads quickly as it’s absorbed by porous building materials like drywall and flooring. This absorption then damages the building materials and can even trigger mold growth. If you have a water-damaged home or business in Bellevue, NE, RestorationMaster can help through our water damage restoration services. Our technicians thoroughly remove excess water from properties, clean and disinfect the affected areas, and restore the home or business.

Flood Cleanup – 68123, NE

Any amount of water has the potential to cause property damage, but indoor flooding can be especially concerning. Flooding can cause extensive damage to your home or business, leaving its structure in an unstable condition. Porous materials will continue to absorb the water and spread damage, and personal contents that were affected can also be permanently damaged. To make matters worse, a flooded property also provides an ideal environment for mold growth, which will cause damage of its own. RestorationMaster will help your flooded home or business with flood damage cleanup services in Bellevue, NE. Our technicians start by removing the excess moisture and standing water from your property. This is followed by setting up powerful drying equipment to remove excess moisture from the affected spaces. These areas will also be cleaned and deodorized to fully restore them to their original conditions.

Sewage Cleanup – Bellevue, NE 68123

Sewage backups can be rather frustrating given the mess they create and danger they present. Because of this, cleaning up sewage is a job that you should never do yourself. This is because sewage is a biohazard that has contaminated the water with its bacteria and pathogens. As such, coming into contact with it puts you at risk for various health problems. If you experience a sewage backup in your home or business in Bellevue, NE, RestorationMaster can help through our sewage cleanup services. Our technicians will dry out, disinfect, and restore your property, and we are available to do so on a 24/7 basis. To restore your home or business to its original state, we use specialized cleaning products and equipment. Additionally, we will help with the claims process by working with your insurance provider.

Fire Damage Restoration – 68123, NE

When your property has been damaged by a fire, it can be especially devastating to see the remains. With flames and corrosive byproducts, your home or business can suffer extensive damage. Because of this, it is crucial that you seek immediate restoration help. If your home or business in Bellevue, NE, has suffered fire damage, RestorationMaster can help through our fire and smoke damage restoration services. Our technicians will arrive to your property as soon as possible to limit the damage, particularly from soot and other corrosive byproducts.

Mold Remediation – Bellevue, 68123

Discovering mold in your home or business is concerning, because it is not only unsightly, but it damages your property and causes health problems. Mold growth is often the result of excess water or moisture. When mold grows, it eats away at the materials it’s growing on, causing structural damage, and the growth can easily spread. If your home or business in Bellevue, NE, has been affected by mold growth, RestorationMaster can help through our mold remediation services. Our technicians will contain the mold to prevent it from spreading and use the industry’s best equipment and methods to remove the fungus from your property.

Content Restoration and Pack-Outs – Bellevue, NE

When a disaster strikes and causes damage to your home or business, your personal belongings may suffer permanent damage if not restored or cleaned in a quick enough manner — regardless of the actions you take to protect your contents. If your home or business in Bellevue, NE, has sustained serious damage that harmed your personal belongings, RestorationMaster can help through our content cleaning and pack-out services. Within these services, our technicians will clean and restore your damage items. We will either conduct our services on-site or, if your property is unstable, use our pack-out services to clean your belongings at our facility.

Hoarding Cleanup – Bellevue, NE 68123

If you are approaching an individual about their hoarding problem, you must do so in an understanding, patient manner. This is because the person struggles with anxiety, which manifests as hoarding. When you discuss their current living situation and the need for cleaning, it’s essential to emphasize how dangerous their living conditions are for their health, well-being, and safety. If you have a loved one affected by hoarding, RestorationMaster can help through our hoarding cleaning services. Our technicians will first develop a relationship with the individual, gaining their trust, respect, and understanding. We will then remove unwanted belongings and disinfect and deodorize their property. This will ensure their home has been restored to a healthy living space.


Commercial Cleaning – Bellevue, NE

Keeping the working environment safe and clean has never been more important in the middle of the pandemic. In addition to removing dust and dirt, there’s a number of dangerous bacteria, viruses and pathogens that can also threaten the health and safety of employees, customers, tenants and guests. RestorationMaster provides disinfection and commercial cleaning services in the Bellevue, NE are to restore safe and sanitary conditions. Our trained and licensed professionals use a number of cleaning products and disinfectants that have proven to be 99.9% effective again MRSA, Salmonella, H1N1, COVID-19, Hepatitis, HIV and more. We also focus on high-touch areas within commercial properties, including restrooms, gym equipment, light switches, desks, countertops, walls and floors, door handles and more.

Water Extraction – Bellevue, NE

If there is standing water within your home or building, it can cause serious damage to the property if it is not quickly removed.  Excess water will spread through porous building materials and furnishings which can damage these materials and it can create the right conditions for mold growth to appear.  There is also a risk that standing water could be contaminated with sewage which is why you should stay away from the water and call a professional for help immediately.  RestorationMaster provides water extraction services to remove standing water from homes and businesses in Bellevue, NE.  Our technicians will remove the water with our advanced water extraction equipment and restore the affected area to prevent structural damage and mold growth.

Water Mitigation – Bellevue, NE

When a property is affected by water damage, whether a leak or flood, removing the water and excess moisture is only the first step.  Many building materials and furnishings found in homes and buildings are porous which means that they have absorbed some of the water.  If the affected materials are not properly dried, cleaned, and restored, they could experience further damage and even mold growth.  At RestorationMaster, we provide water mitigation services to dry and restore affected homes and buildings in Bellevue, NE.  Our advanced drying equipment will extract the remaining moisture and we will clean and restore the damaged areas and materials.

Storm Damage Restoration – Bellevue, NE

When a storm hits, there is no telling how severe the storm can be or whether it will result in property damage.  All storms that hit the Bellevue, NE area, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hailstorms have the potential to cause serious property damage as wind can tear apart the siding and roofing and heavy rain can cause flooding and water damage.  If your property is damaged by a storm, it is important to have the damage restored as soon as possible.  RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services in Bellevue, NE to stabilize and repair affected homes and businesses.  We can address everything from water damage to structural repairs to return your property to its original state.

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For emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services in Bellevue, NE and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster at (402) 673-6244.

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