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Mold Remediation in La Vista, NE

(402) 673-6244
Discoloration, musty odors, structural damage, and health responses due to exposure such as infection and allergies all contribute to the considerable problem mold can pose in buildings and homes. Only needing an organic food source to grow and a moisture source, the mold spores make it easy to spread and cause wide-ranging damage, especially after experiencing water damage.

For mold remediation services, look no further than RestorationMaster to stop mold from growing in your home or business and fix its resulting destruction. Our state-of-the-art testing enables us to find all the mold and we will not let the mold grow past the damaged area as we work.

Mold Removal La Vista NEMold Damage and Restoration Process

Mold will continue to grow until it is taken care of once it appears in your building or home, making it essential to contact us for mold remediation services as quickly as you can. By effectively locating and identifying the causes of the mold, the RestorationMaster technicians will ensure that the mold is not only removed completely, but also unable to grow back.

We create an effective mold remediation plan and with help from testing facilities that are nationally recognized, we can check for mold to discover concealed growth and produce lab analysis. Using our advanced equipment and cleaning products as we work, we will then get rid of the mold and retain its growth from spreading past the affected area.

Why Call a Professional for Mold Remediation

For professional mold removal services in the La Vista, NE area, contact RestorationMaster at (402) 673-6244.

Our mold remediation services consist of the following steps:

  • Assessment and examination to decide the magnitude of the mold growth
  • Contacting your insurance provider to inform them of our assessment
  • Containing the damage by isolating the affected area
  • Writing a remediation plan based off the assessment, including the applicable cleaning procedures required
  • Removing the mold completely and replacing or repairing the surfaces affected

Licensed Mold Remediation

It is imperative that you call RestorationMaster as soon as you detect mold growing in your business or home in La Vista, NE, so it can be removed before it spreads and damages other areas. Using the newest equipment and cleaning products of the industry, we work with testing facilities to correctly gauge the growth of mold in your business or home and remove it effectively.

Free Estimate

For more about our mold remediation services in La Vista, NE, you can contact us at (402) 673-6244.

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