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Water Damage Cleanup in Alhambra, CA

(626) 415-3677

A common problem in homes and buildings is water damage, which can be difficult to detect due to the gradual nature of its spread. A wide variety of sources can cause water damage, such as rain, floods or leaks from pipes or fixtures. Any water damage should be addressed immediately to prevent the spread of moisture and deterioration of building materials. Green Planet Restoration provides professional water damage cleanup and restoration services in Alhambra, CA. We provide a quick response to your call and begin removing excess water quickly to prevent further damage to your home or business property.

We offer Alhambra residents speedy and effective water damage restoration services. A fast response time helps minimize damage when burst pipes or weather events including heavy rain or flooding cause water intrusion.

For water extraction and water damage cleanup in Alhambra, CA, call Green Planet Restoration at (626) 415-3677.

Green Planet Restoration Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup Procedure

At Green Planet Restoration, we have the knowledge, expertise, and training to handle all of your water damage restoration needs. We are certified by the IICRC to perform water extraction and water damage cleanup services in residential and commercial settings. Our technicians will use advanced cleaning equipment and methodologies to restore your property and belongings to their original condition. We have a 3-phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Emergency Response: We are on call 24 hours a day and can respond to urgent damage within 2 to 4 hours of a call.
  • Phase 2: Water Removal and Drying: We’ll solve your water damage problem with our state-of-the-art solutions. We use professional drying equipment to extract excess water, eliminate the moisture and restore your property.
  • Phase 3: Reconstruction and Cleaning:  We move or repair any elements or furnishings that must be moved or repaired, then clean and disinfect the affected areas and items.

What to do in Case of Water Damage in Glendale, CA

  • Call Green Planet Restoration if you discover water damage to prevent the spread of mold and other harmful substances.
  • Mop or blot away any excess water.
  • Remove temporary floor coverings such as area rugs. Permanent floor coverings must be taken out professionally.
  • To keep drapery in good condition, place the bottom of each panel through the loop of a hanger and hang it on a curtain rod.
  •  After water damage, wipe down wet furniture and place aluminum foil under the legs of furniture; prop up wet cushions to help them dry.
  • Move photographs, paintings and other items that might be damaged by water to a safer location.
  • Books that have sustained even a small amount of moisture should always be kept together on their shelves, rather than stacked on top of each other. This prevents them from warping while they dry.
  • Help speed the drying process by opening up drawers and cabinet doors.

What NOT to Do in Case of Water Damage

  • Avoid rooms with standing water until the power source has been cut off
  • Do not attempt to extract standing water using a conventional vacuum
  • Do not remove carpets or other permanent floorings
  • Avoid using electrical appliances on wet floors
  • Do not DIY clean mold or mildew growth

Contact Us for Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Alhambra, CA

When water damage occurs in your home or business, it is important to act quickly to limit the damage. The longer the water sits, the more likely it is to spread into porous building materials and cause extensive and expensive damage. Contact Green Planet Restoration immediately for water extraction, drying and repair services. We are ready to take your call 24 hours a day at (626) 415-3677. We offer free estimates for our water damage cleanup and restoration services.

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