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Sewage Cleanup Services In Alhambra, CA

(626) 415-3677

Sewage cleanup can be a dirty job. But if not treated right away, it can lead to further water or even mold damage within your home. Sewage contamination can also be threatening to you and your family’s health. Don’t worry. RestorationMaster in Alhambra, CA is ready to solve your sewage removal needs.

Sewage Backup

Because sewage is the term used for wastewater that often contains feces, urine, and laundry waste, quick action is always important when dealing with contaminated water.  Sewage is generally removed from the home quickly and hygienically through sewage pipes.  When specific substances are drained through these pipes, some materials are not easily flooded out, causing backup in your home.  Other factors including tree roots and outside sources can also damage pipes outside the home, allowing the possibility for flooding to occur.

Sewage Cleanup by RestorationMaster

RestorationMaster has the experts in waste and sewage cleanup in the Alhambra, CA, area.  Immediate cleanup will help your home in the long run.  Make sure to keep all air conditioning, heat, or dehumidifiers on, allowing dry air to circulate throughout the entire home.

RestorationMaster will continue the cleanup process while storing your furniture in a safe, dry area. The furniture will also be hand-dried to quicken the process.  They will secure all valuables and ensure any upholstery is dried quickly.  They will prop up wet furniture cushions for even-drying and place aluminum foil under furniture legs to avoid further damage to the carpets.  Their equipment will decontaminate the entire flooded area so that you and your home are safe. With that, RestorationMaster, guarantees the fastest, most efficient sewage removal service for you and your family.

For residential or commercial sewer cleanup service in Alhambra, CA and surrounding areas, call RestorationMaster at  (626) 415-3677.