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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Alhambra, CA


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There are numerous companies that offer similar services to RestorationMaster in Alhambra, but none of them can match the level of commitment we have for providing the most effective and efficient fire and water restoration services. Our staff is comprised of highly trained technicians who have years of experience in performing professional structural drying, deodorization, content cleaning and disinfection, carpet cleaning, furniture repair or replacement and duct cleaning after a disaster strikes. We always arrive at a site within four hours when your business or household suffers from a sudden leak, flood or fire.

RestorationMaster is Alhambra’s trusted choice for fire and water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Cleanup in Alhambra, CA

There are a variety of problems that can result from excess water and moisture on your property. Structural elements of your building can be damaged, various materials can become discolored or corrode, and mold growth is more likely to occur. To prevent the damage from becoming worse than it already is, we provide comprehensive water damage restoration services to property owners in Alhambra, CA. Our RestorationMaster technicians will remove excess moisture and restore affected areas and belongings.

Flood Damage Cleanup in Alhambra, CA

Indoor flooding can be a complex situation and cause extensive property damage. At RestorationMaster, we have years of experience in flood damage cleanup services and have the equipment needed to effectively dry your Alhambra, CA home or business. Our technicians are experts at removing standing water, drying the area, and restoring it back to its original use.


Mold Remediation and Removal Services for Alhambra, CA

A major problem that can affect both homeowners and business owners is mold growth. This is because all it needs to take hold is excess moisture and an organic food source. Once it makes an appearance on your property, it can be extremely difficult to remove. At RestorationMaster, we employ time-tested mold remediation techniques to contain, and ultimately remove, the mold. We will restore any affected areas, as well. We provide this mold remediation and removal services to property owners of all kinds in Alhambra, CA.

Content Cleaning Services in Alhambra, CA

It can be stressful to recover from extensive property damage. This is true in both residential and commercial settings. At RestorationMaster, we offer content cleaning and pack-out services to help ease the burden. Through these services, we will repair and sanitize your personal belongings on-site, or at one of our secure facilities. When your items need to be restored at our facilities, we will store them until your building is repaired. We offer content cleaning services to property owners in Alhambra, CA.

Deodorization Services for Alhambra, CA

Unpleasant aromas often tend to linger following various forms of property damage. This is true in the cases of water damage, smoke and soot exposure, and mold growth, for example. The reason for this is because porous structural elements and materials can absorb smells. To combat this, we provide complete odor removal services here at RestorationMaster. Our technicians will identify the sources of the odors, treat them, and return your property back to normal. We offer deodorization service to property owners in Alhambra, CA.

Reconstruction Services in Alhambra, CA

If you are planning to begin a construction project in Alhambra, CA, we encourage you to call our RestorationMaster representatives to learn how we can assist. Through our effective project managers, quality industry connections, and overall attention to detail, we will leave you with an excellent result. We pride ourselves on our cost-effective approach, overall efficiency, and capability to act as your sole point of contact. We are happy to help homeowners and business owners in need of reconstruction services on any scale.

Commercial Damage Restoration in Alhambra, CA

For business owners in Alhambra, CA, it can be particularly costly when property damage takes place. This is because of general costs for construction and repair, as well as lost revenue due to limited operational capabilities. We understand this here at RestorationMaster and aim to get you back on your feet swiftly through our commercial damage restoration services. No matter the size of your business, we have the capability to restore your property following any event. As a disaster restoration and cleaning services provider, we are adept in a number of restoration scenarios, and allow our clients in Alhambra, CA to leverage this expertise.


Contact Us for Free Estimates in Alhambra, CA

Experience top-notch mold remediation and water damage restoration services in Alhambra, CA by contacting RestorationMaster. Our team of professionals is equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any mold-related issues and restore your property from water damage. Whether you are dealing with mold growth or have experienced water damage, our skilled technicians will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and offer free estimates tailored to your specific needs. Trust RestorationMaster for reliable and efficient solutions. Contact us today at (626) 415-3677 to schedule your free estimate.