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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Glendale, CA


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RestorationMaster offers a full range of restoration services in Glendale including fire and smoke damage repair, water damage repair, mold remediation and more. Our locally owned and operated company has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for years. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, but most of all reliability. We arrive when we say we will, and we stand by our results. No matter what the condition of your home or business is following a disaster, you can trust RestorationMaster to bring it back to normal.

RestorationMaster has a proven track record of restoring property after water or fire damage. Our professional and insured technicians utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure a faster and more precise drying process. Our company is dedicated to providing quality service to our customers, no matter how big or small their needs may be. Our team of professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to meet your needs. We provide our clients with fast response times, quality workmanship, honest and reliable customer service, and continuous follow-up. Using the latest technology and equipment, we can bring your home or business back to life quickly and efficiently after a fire or water emergency.

Water Damage Restoration – Glendale, CA

Water damage is one of the most commonly occurring types of damage in a home or building because it can be caused by so many factors from heavy rains and flooding to leaks from the pipes or plumbing fixtures.  Regardless of how it starts, it is important to react to water damage quickly because ignoring it will allow it to spread further through the home or building by getting absorbed into porous building materials.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration and cleanup services in Glendale, CA to help stop the spread of the water damage and restore the damage it caused.  We will respond within 2 to 4 hours of your call to begin our restoration services which include water removal, drying, and the cleaning and restoration of affected structural elements and furnishings.

Flood Damage Restoration – Glendale, CA

If you have experienced flooding in your home or building, we can help you get back on the road to recovery. RestorationMaster provides flood damage cleanup services for Burbank, CA homeowners and business owners affected by indoor flooding. We have the equipment needed to extract standing water and quickly dry out your property. Our technicians are experts in restoration and can effectively dry out and restore your home or office during difficult times.


Mold Removal – Glendale, CA

Mold growth is a problem that can happen anywhere as it only takes moisture and a food source for it to appear.  Once mold growth starts, it can spread throughout the building causing property damage and odors as well as increasing the risks for certain health problems.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Glendale, CA to eliminate mold growth in homes and businesses.  We can provide inspections and lab analysis as we work with nationally recognized testing facilities and we will repair the moisture source to prevent future mold growth.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Glendale, CA

PostWhen a disaster strikes a home or building, the damage is not always confined to the structure itself as personal items can also become damaged.  When this happens, having your content cleaned and restored immediately after the disaster is the best way to ensure that they can be salvaged.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Glendale, CA to help clean and salvage damaged personal belongings.  We can do content cleaning onsite but if the condition of the home or building does not allow it, we can pack-out your belongings and take them to our secured facility for proper cleaning.

Deodorization Services – Glendale, CA

The physical damage may not be the only problem caused by a disaster as sometimes there may also be an unpleasant smell left behind.  Disasters such as fires, flooding, and mold growth have been known to cause lingering odors that are very difficult to remove without professional services. RestorationMaster provides deodorization services in Glendale, CA to remove odors from the air spaces and structural elements of a building.  Our specialized equipment allows us to remove a variety of odors from different sources using proven methods including thermal fogging and hydroxyl technology.

Commercial Restoration – Glendale, CA

A natural disaster in an office or commercial space can be devastating for a business because the company has to suspend their normal business operations to pay for repairs and restoration. If your business sustains damage in a flood, fire, or some other natural disaster, you can save your company time and money with the repairs by immediately calling for restoration services. RestorationMaster provides commercial disaster restoration to help businesses in Glendale, CA recover after a major disaster. We can clean up and repair any size loss in offices and commercial settings and ensure that your employees are returning to a safe working environment.


Contact Us for Free Estimates in Glendale, CA

For exceptional mold remediation and water damage restoration services in Glendale, CA, look no further than RestorationMaster. Our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped with advanced expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to effectively address any mold-related problems and restore your property from water damage. Whether you are grappling with mold growth or have encountered water damage issues, our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough assessment and provide you with customized free estimates that cater to your unique requirements. Count on RestorationMaster for dependable and efficient solutions. Contact us today at (626) 415-3677 to schedule your complimentary estimate and take the first step towards restoring your property to its pristine condition.