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Hoarding and Estate Cleaning Services for Fremont, CA

(408) 457-0633

Hoarding-Cleaning-in-fremont-CA-by-ServiceMaster-150x150Hoarding has gotten much more national attention in the last several years that has led to a better understanding of the disorder as well as better treatment and cleaning services for those that are affected.  Hoarding behaviors are actually symptoms of anxiety and they often manifest in the extreme collection of anything with a complete inability to throw the collected objects away.  This leads to a growing hoard of items that can get large enough to restrict access to parts of the home and harbor dangerous materials such as bacteria and mold that can have serious health implications.  ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery provides hoarding and estate cleaning services to help cleanup and restore the homes of hoarders in Fremont, CA.  Our technicians are trained to handle hoarding cleaning projects with the 3-phase approach developed by ServiceMaster Restore and Matt Paxton.

Many people that struggle with hoarding issues are embarrassed by their situation and do not draw attention to themselves or their homes.  A family member or close friend normally has to step in to begin the cleaning process and help the individual understand that hoarding is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Hoarding behaviors result in very dangerous living conditions that could be harmful to the individual and their families and helping them understand the danger is an important step towards beginning the cleaning process.  The technicians of ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery will completely remove unwanted hoarded items to clear out a home as well as clean and disinfect the home for a safer living environment.

We provide the following with our hoarding and estate cleaning services:

  • Location of valuable items such as jewelry and other keepsakes to save them
  • Removal of all unnecessary hoarded items
  • Help deciding what will be kept, recycled, or thrown away
  • Distribution of donated items and other saved items to friends and family members
  • Help with paperwork from lawyers, trusts, and government agencies

ServiceMaster’s 3-Phase Hoarding Approach

ServiceMaster Restore recently developed a new approach to hoarding cleaning in collaboration with Matt Paxton that emphasizes mutual trust and respect with the individual.  Our technicians will help establish a feeling of trust with the individual before cleaning the home and create a cleaning plan that puts the individual in control over what is kept and what is thrown away or donated.  This 3-phase approach includes the following steps:

Phase 1: Connecting to the Individual

  • We try to get an understanding of the scope of the problem.
  • We reach out to the affected individual to help establish mutual trust and respect before entering their home.
  • We start planning the cleaning process after the individual and their family agree to proceed and if additional help is needed, we will refer the individual to social service professionals.

Phase 2: Creating and Implementing a Hoarding Cleaning Plan

  • We will create a thorough cleaning plan to remove unwanted hoarded items.
  • The home will be reorganized after the unwanted items are removed.
  • We will clean and disinfect saved items and coordinate which unwanted item will be donated, recycled, or thrown away. Our technicians can deliver donated items to a charity of your choosing.

Phase 3: Follow Up

  • We help form a cleaning plan for the individual to follow after our cleaning services to maintain their home.
  • We do follow ups over the phone to ensure that the cleaning plan is being followed and we will provide further cleaning services if necessary.
  • We make sure the individual has ultimate say over the fate of the hoarded objects and we send certified technicians that are highly trained to complete the work.

Hoarding is a serious issue that can result in dangerous consequences for those affected and their families so if you know someone who struggles with hoarding, reach out to them to help begin the cleaning process.  ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration and Recovery takes a compassionate and respectful approach to helping hoarders clean out their homes in Fremont, CA.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (408) 457-0633 to learn more about our hoarding cleaning services in Fremont, CA and the nearby towns of Alameda County.

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