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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services – Los Altos, CA


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Water Damage Restoration – Los Altos, CA water damage restoration - RestorationMaster

One of the most common problems that leads to property damage is excess water or moisture and if it is not discovered and removed quickly enough, it will spread throughout the home or building by getting absorbed into porous building materials.  Water damage is so common because there are a variety of potential causes such as rain, flooding, high humidity, leaking pipes and fixtures, and other plumbing problems.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services to remove water and moisture from homes and businesses in Los Altos, CA and repair and restore the resulting damage.  We use the most advanced drying equipment available to remove water from the furnishings and structural elements of a building to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Fire Damage Restoration – Los Altos, CAfire damage restoration - RestorationMaster

Fires can cause extensive damage in a home or building very quickly and extinguishing the fire will not stop the spread of the damage.  Soot, smoke, and other corrosive byproducts are capable of spreading beyond the areas affected by the flames and the damage they cause will become permanent if it is not cleaned up quickly enough.  RestorationMaster provides fire and smoke damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Los Altos, CA recover after a fire.  Our quick response will help us limit the spread of the damage and begin the restoration before the tarnishing and etching becomes permanent.

Mold Removal – Los Altos, CAmold removal - RestorationMaster

Homes and buildings are at risk for mold growth at any time as the right level of moisture along with an organic food source can cause mold to grow.  Mold can become a serious problem once it appears because it will spread to other areas of the home and it can increase the risk of negative health effects such as allergies and infection from exposure.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Los Altos, CA to remove mold growth from homes and businesses and take actions to prevent future mold growth.  We can effectively deal with any size mold contamination and we will repair or replace the damaged surfaces after the mold is removed.

Trauma Scene Cleaning – Los Altos, CA Trauma Scene Cleanup - RestorationMaster

Situations involving a major injury or death of a loved one can be very difficult to encounter and they are also dangerous as there are often biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids at the scene that can spread infection and disease.  These situations require immediate action as you should call the proper authorities if a crime has been committed as well as certified professionals that can clean up the scene.  RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleaning services to safely remove biohazard materials from trauma and crime scenes in Los Altos, CA.  Our services are guaranteed to clean and restore the scene to its previous condition and we work with a sense of compassion and respect for those who are dealing with a difficult loss.

Hoarding and Estate Cleaning – Los Altos, CAhoarding cleanup - RestorationMaster

Hoarding is a significant issue that affects people across the United States and great strides have been made in recent years to get a better understanding of the disorder.  Hoarding disorder is a symptom of more complex anxiety disorders in which those affected collect any objects with a complete inability to throw anything away.  This can lead to very dangerous living conditions that can affect the health and safety of the individual and their family.  RestorationMaster provides hoarding and estate cleaning services to help those in Los Altos, CA that struggle with hoarding clean and restore their homes.  We take an approach to hoarding cleaning problems that emphasizes building trust and respect with the individual and putting them at the center of the cleaning process.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Los Altos, CACarpet Cleaning - RestorationMaster

Carpeting in a commercial setting can experience a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis that will cause it to quickly gather dirt and debris or start to wear out.  If the carpet becomes dirty or worn out, it can have an effect on the look of the office which may affect the impression clients and employees get of your business.  RestorationMaster provides commercial carpet cleaning services for businesses in Los Altos, CA that want to clean and restore their carpeting with professional services.  We offer one-time and regularly scheduled services and we use advanced cleaning products and equipment that are safe and effective for all carpet types.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out – Los Altos, CA Content Cleaning - RestorationMaster

Major disasters can cause extensive, pervasive damage that will not only affect the structural elements and furnishings of your home, but also your personal items.  All types of personal content can become damaged by mold, fire, or water and if these items are not cleaned and restored quickly enough, they can become permanently damaged.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Los Altos, CA to clean and restore damaged personal belongings.  We can provide content cleaning services on-site or if the situation requires, we can provide pack-out services to take your content to our facility for thorough cleaning and storage.

Post Construction Cleaning – Los Altos, CAConstruction Cleaning - RestorationMaster

While construction and remodeling jobs always improve a home or building, the work itself creates dirty, hazardous conditions that require restoration and cleaning.  The dirt and dust created by these projects can spread throughout the entire home or building and there are also building materials and tools left behind that can be stepped on.  RestorationMaster provides post construction cleaning services in Los Altos, CA to clean up the site after the completion of a remodeling or construction project.  Our technicians will remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the home or building so that the area is safe to enter.

Contact us 24/7 for Restoration and Cleaning Services in Los Altos, CA

Located in the Greater Peninsula region of the Bay Area, we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice. From small water intrusions to large water damage, mold, fire damage, and trauma losses, we at RestorationMaster look forward to providing professional restoration services and meeting the needs of our clients. Call us 24/7  at (408) 805-3758 for emergency fire or water damage cleanup, mold removal, reconstruction, and any other restoration requests in Los Altos, CA.

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