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Mold Removal Services – Los Altos, CA

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Mold is a very frustrating sight for a home or business owner and because mold spores are a part of our natural environment, mold can start growing in a home or building at virtually any time.  It only takes a moisture source and an organic food source like wood or drywall for mold to thrive and the growth will continue to spread, causing more extensive damage and increasing health risks from exposure.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Los Altos, CA to remove mold contaminations from homes and buildings.  We can provide effective mold removal for any size contamination and we can also help file related insurance claims.

mold growth and mold remediation - RestorationMaster

Mold Removal Process in Los Altos, CA

The technicians of RestorationMaster that work on mold removal projects have been highly trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), Interactive Occupational Training for Mold Remediation (IOT), Applied Microbial Remediation Specialists (AMRS), and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).  We are committed to providing a quick response for mold contaminations to help stop the spread of the mold growth as well as reduce the risks for mold related health issues such as allergies and infection.  Our technicians isolate the contaminated area to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas and use the most advanced cleaning products and equipment of the industry such as Nano filters and air scrubbers to completely remove mold growth.

Watch RestorationMaster Video for more information on Mold Remediation:

Our mold removal services  include the following steps:

  • Thorough evaluation of the mold growth
  • Report of our evaluation to your insurance company
  • Isolation of the mold contamination to preventing it from spreading
  • Creation and implementation of a mold removal plan based on our evaluation
  • Removal of all mold growth as well as repair or replacement of damaged surfaces

Contact Service Master for Mold Remediation Services in Los Altos, CA

mold remediation by RestorationMaster

Mold growth can become a major problem if prompt action is not taken as it will cause even more widespread damage and increase the risk of negative health effects due to exposure.  Make sure you call RestorationMaster for mold removal services as soon as you discover mold growth in your home or business in Los Altos, CA.  You can call us anytime at (408) 805-3758 for an estimate for our mold removal services.

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