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Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning Services for Reston, VA


No one is ever ready to deal with a situation involving a serious injury or death but if such a situation occurs, you must react immediately and call the right authorities to protect the safety of yourself and others.  Biohazard materials such as blood, tissues, and bodily fluids require a certified professional to clean them up because cleaning them up improperly can greatly increase the risk of spreading infection or disease.  ServiceMaster NCR provides trauma and crime scene cleaning services to safely clean up and restore scenes containing biohazard materials in Reston, VA.  We take a compassionate and respectful approach to trauma and crime scenes to help ease the burden of those who may be grieving from the tragedy.

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Services in Reston, VA

Biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids contain harmful toxins such as bacteria and viruses which makes them extremely dangerous to clean up without the proper training and equipment.  Our technicians are trained and equipped to safely handle the cleanup of biohazard materials for the following scenarios:

  • Natural Deaths
  • Homicides and Suicides
  • Crime Scenes
  • Accidental Death
  • Serious Accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Vehicle Trauma Cleanup
  • Blood and Bodily Fluid Remediation

Why Trust ServiceMaster NCR for Trauma Scene Cleaning

When someone is seriously injured or killed as a result of a violent crime or accident, it can be especially difficult for friends and family members to cope with the situation.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster NCR understand this and we approach each situation with a sense of compassion and respect for your privacy.  If you need additional support, we can refer you to counseling professionals that can help you cope with the grief.

Each of our technicians have received the highest level of training and certification to effectively clean up all types of biohazard materials.  The hospital grade cleaning products that we use are EPA registered and act as a fungicide, bacterial cleaner, and virus cleaner to remove biohazard materials and sanitize the scene.  We take all biohazard materials to a licensed medical waste facility for safe disposal.

If you encounter the aftermath of a serious accident or violent crime in Reston, VA, make sure you immediately call the proper authorities as well as ServiceMaster NCR for trauma and crime scene cleaning services.  We are properly equipped and certified to handle biohazard cleaning in just about any scenario and we take a compassionate and respectful approach to help ease the emotional stress of the situation.  You can call us 24 hours a day at 703-596-3171 for emergency trauma and crime scene cleaning services in Reston, VA.

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Prompt,knowlegeable, appreciated all there help and guidance in a difficult time

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