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Junk Removal in Park Ridge, IL 60068

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Homes and apartments can quickly become cluttered because many people don’t dispose of items from their homes as quickly as they buy new things.  Old items get pushed to areas like the garage, basement, or attic, where they sometimes collect for years until a homeowner decides to clean the area.

Clutter buildup may also occur as a result hoarding which requires a more unique approach to deal with the cleaning and the mental condition involved.  If you are responsible for the home of a family member who has recently passed away, you may have to deal with cleaning the clutter before you can decide what to do with the home.

Professional Clutter Removal

No matter how or why clutter has built up on your property, it helps to have professional assistance to clear it out.  ServiceMaster by Metzler provides junk removal services in Park Ridge, IL to remove built up clutter from homes and apartments.  We can provide the equipment necessary to remove large amounts of junk and we can also safely handle biohazard materials and ensure that the property is cleaned and sanitized.

Efficient Cleanup    ServiceMaster-Junk-Removal-Park-Ridge-IL

Large amounts of junk in a home can lead to dangerous or unsanitary conditions.  There is a much higher risk of injuries and fires in an area cluttered with junk, and the clutter can also harbor bacteria, mold growth, and even pests.  Calling a professional like ServiceMaster by Metzler to help remove the junk will save you time and help ensure that the job is done safely.  Our technicians will help you efficiently sort and remove the junk so you can reclaim your home.

Our full junk removal services consist of the following:

  • Clutter Removal Specialists: Our staff has plenty of experience removing large amounts of junk from homes due to our junk removal and hoarding cleaning services. ServiceMaster by Metzler can help you decide what to throw away and organize the items you keep.
  • Complete Trash Outs: If the clutter buildup in a home or apartment is not worth salvaging, we can provide a complete trash out to clear out the entire space.
  • Tailored Cleaning Services: Our junk removal services in Park Ridge, IL are tailored to your needs to ensure that we complete the job to your satisfaction.
  • Recovery of Documents, Valuables, and Sentimental Items: We understand that there may be valuable or important items mixed in with the junk. We will help you look for valuable and sentimental items, as well as important documents, to make sure they are saved.
  • Storage Bins and Filing Boxes: Our storage bins and filing boxes will help you better organize and separate the items you want to throw away and those you want to keep.
  • Packaging, Transport, and Storage: We can help you package items you don’t want and either store them or transport them to relatives, a charity, or somewhere for disposal.
  • Biohazard Cleaning: Large amounts of clutter often hide dangerous materials like bacteria, mold, and waste. We can safely and effectively clean up all types of biohazard materials.
  • Roll-Off Containers from 3-40 Yards: We can get roll-off containers in several different sizes to give you an easier way to throw away your junk and have it quickly removed from your home.
  • Recovery and Disposal of Medications and Sharps: We will look for old, expired medications and sharp objects and ensure they are disposed of properly.
  • Appliance Recycling: We will haul away your broken appliances and take them to be recycled.
  • Donation of Items: If you want to donate some unwanted items to charity, ServiceMaster by Metzler will deliver them to the organization of you choosing.
  • Deep Cleaning after Removal: Once the junk is removed, the area will need to be cleaned to restore sanitary living conditions. We will fully clean and sanitize the entire cluttered area.

Large amounts of clutter can not only make a home look bad, but also create dangerous and unsanitary living conditions.  Make sure you call the professionals of ServiceMaster by Metzler if you need junk cleared from your property in Park Ridge, IL.

You can call us any time at (847) 380-7888 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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