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Post Construction Cleanup in Orange, CA

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Discovering a significant amount of dirt and debris left over from a construction site on your property can not only be frustrating, but overwhelming to deal with. After waiting so long to have your property repaired and restored, it still has not been returned to its original condition. In addition, the sawdust floating throughout the air can trigger allergies and breathing problems for those who are sensitive to small particles.

That is why ServiceMaster EMT provides professional post construction cleanup to residential and commercial properties in Orange, CA. Our specialists are experts in handling cleanup jobs of all sizes, removing all dirt and debris while you can focus on resuming your normal routine.

Post-Construction-Cleaning-for-Wheaton-IL-Orange-CAProblems with a Dirty Property

Although the property is restored, it can actually start deteriorating over time due to the amount of dirt and dust that was left from the construction site. Mud may have been tracked in from the workers while nails and screws create a safety hazard from being left on the floor. In addition, the dust particles are most likely traveling through the air ducts, circulating throughout the air to trigger allergy symptoms.

This is why ServiceMaster EMT arrives right away to take care of the mess, removing all remaining debris while cleaning the structure to ensure that the property provides a clean and safe environment as it did before the damage. With the use of powerful products and equipment, our technicians guarantee a quick and effective job with our services.

The following is covered in our construction cleaning services:

  • Paint overspray removal
  • Cleaning of hard surface floors (sweeping and mopping)
  • Restroom fixture and upholstery cleaning
  • Vacuuming and spot treatment
  • Cleaning of air vents, fans, and furniture
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Window and wall cleaning

Having your property restored to its original condition is extremely important when it comes dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster. But when you discover that it is covered in dirt and debris, it may not feel so relieving. Dirt, dust, nails, and screws may be littering the floor while the windows and walls may have smudges from the construction site. In addition, the debris can trigger significant health problems such as allergies and breathing problems.

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But ServiceMaster EMT is available at (888) 767-9075 in the Orange, CA area to provide professional construction cleanup services that are guaranteed to leave your property looking clean and like new again.

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