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Trauma Scene Cleaning in Marion, IA 52302

ServiceMaster by Rice

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Trauma Scene Cleaning Services for Marion, IA

Trauma Scene Cleaning in Marion, IA 52302When someone encounters the scene of a severe injury or death, it can be difficult and dangerous to deal with. However, it’s important to take the right actions in such a situation for your safety. The best thing to do is stay clear of the scene, especially if there are biohazard materials present like blood and other bodily fluids. You must then alert law enforcement to respond to the scene and call a certified professional clean up the scene safely. ServiceMaster by Rice provides trauma and crime scene cleaning services in Marion, IA to remove biohazard materials and restore the scene to a safe condition. We employ technicians who have the proper training to conduct trauma scene cleaning.

Often, trauma scenes are contaminated with biohazard materials and these substances are very dangerous to be around. If incorrectly handled or cleaned, these materials can spread infection and disease. ServiceMaster by Rice‘s technicians know how to conduct safe cleanup and removal of all biohazard materials, which includes tissues and bodily fluids. In addition, our technicians will do a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the scene to ensure it’s safe. When encountering a trauma scene, call EMTs and law enforcement officials. Then seek assistance from certified technicians to conduct cleaning and restoration of the scene, which they’ll do in cooperation with law enforcement officials if a crime was committed.

We Provide Trauma Scene Cleaning Services for the Following Scenarios:

  • Unattended Death Cleanup: When a death has happened, the body immediately begins to decompose, causing the release of bodily fluids. The fluids then contaminate structural elements, furnishings, and flooring with its bacteria and toxins, making the scene hazardous. Our technicians will work to clean up and eliminate odors and bodily fluids, make repairs, and disinfect the area.
  • Crime Scene Cleaning: With the presence of biohazard materials and even weapons, crime scenes are usually dangerous. When the crime scene investigation has concluded, our technicians will remove biohazard materials and fingerprint dust, clean and restore the scene, disinfect the area, and make any necessary repairs.
  • Hoarding Cleaning: More than just clutter can be found in the home of a hoarder. There can also be bodily fluids, bacteria, and mold around. Our technicians are ready to handle such cases and will clean and sanitize the home after removing biohazards and hoarded belongings.
  • Industrial Accident/Injury Cleaning: Usually, industrial accidents result in a severe injury, which can be traumatizing for the affected individual and their colleagues. If such an occurrence happens at your workplace, contact ServiceMaster by Rice immediately so biohazard materials can be cleaned up. This also protects the rest of your employees, because anyone who attempts to clean without the correct equipment or training may get a disease or infection.
  • Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning: In the event that your vehicle was a part of a serious accident and has been contaminated by biohazard materials, our technicians can handle the cleaning and disinfection to make your vehicle safe again.

Trauma scenes are overwhelming to come across, but you must alert law enforcement and get EMTs on the scene as quickly as possible. You are also responsible for the cleaning and restoration of the scene and law enforcement and EMTs are not trained to handle such a task. Our certified professionals at ServiceMaster by Rice can help with this through the trauma scene cleaning services that we provide in Marion, IA. We can be reached for these services on a 24/7 basis at (319) 243-3777

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Recent Reviews

Johnston, IA
We had a sewer backup in our basement. I contacted ServiceMaster on Monday morning and there was a crew here within two hours. They were amazing! They immediately removed all damaged flooring, drywall, etc. and then began steam cleaning. They set up fans, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. By Friday afternoon, the basement was dry, clean and all equipment and debris was gone. The crew that was here that week was fantastic. They were empathetic, humorous, and extremely professional. Fantastic service. Great people. Outstanding results.

Austin, MN

Norwalk, IA
the persons, was very nice... didn´t like all the photos taken...but it is what it is.
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