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Trauma Scene and Crime Scene Cleaning for Des Moines, IA


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If you are facing a situation in which a serious injury or death has occurred, it can be difficult to keep your emotions in check.  However, it is important to take the right actions in the aftermath to have the area cleaned for the safety of those around and to get law enforcement involved if a crime has been committed.  RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleaning services in Des Moines, IA to remove all physical evidence of the incident and disinfect the area so that it is safe.  Our services are effective for a variety of trauma situations that require specialized cleanup.

Our technicians are specially trained and have the expertise to clean up biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids that are normally found at trauma scenes.  These biohazard materials are very dangerous to handle without the proper training as they harbor toxins, bacteria, and other harmful substances that can spread infection and communicable disease.  Even though law enforcement or EMT’s are the first to arrive on the scene after such an incident, they will not clean up the biohazard materials left behind.  You have to call the certified professionals of RestorationMaster to safely clean up and restore the scene once law enforcement has completed their investigation.

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning in Clive and Des Moines, IA by RestorationMaster

Our trauma scene cleaning services cover the following incidents:

  • Unattended Death Cleanup: Decomposition begins as soon as death occurs which causes bodily fluids to be released that can affect the surrounding area. These fluids seep into flooring, carpeting, furniture, and structural elements and they often contain bacteria and disease causing pathogens that make the scene very dangerous.  Our technicians have the right training and cleaning equipment to safely clean up the scene of an unattended death.  We will properly disinfect the area, repair damaged structures, and remove any foul odors to restore the original condition of the area.
  • Crime Scene Cleaning: If a violent crime has been committed, chances are the scene is chaotic with blood and dangerous materials used in the assault. After law enforcement has completed their investigation, our technicians can safely clean up all biohazard materials and fingerprint dust left behind.  Our crime scene cleaning services include thorough cleaning and sanitization of the scene as well as structural repairs.
  • Hoarding Cleaning: Hoarding cleaning can be a messy job because biohazard materials such as bodily fluids, bacteria, mold, and decomposed animals can be found amongst the hoarded items. You never know what you will encounter when cleaning out a hoarder’s home and our technicians are equipped to handle any biohazard materials we may encounter.  We will also sanitize the home and provide any needed structural repairs for improved living conditions.
  • Industrial Accident/ Injury Cleaning: Industrial accidents are very traumatic for the victim as well as the victim’s co-workers that witness and react to the accident. It is important to call a trained professional immediately after such an incident to clean up the scene and ensure the safety of the workers.  Attempting to clean up any blood and bodily fluids yourself can be dangerous and contribute to the spread of infection and disease.
  • Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning: If you vehicle is still drivable after a major accident, it is best to call our professionals instead of trying to clean it yourself. We can completely clean out vehicles that have been contaminated with biohazard materials so that they are safe to drive.

Call Us for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup in Des Moines, IA

We understand that cleaning up the scene is one of the last tings on your mind when you initially encounter a trauma scene, but once the dust settles and law enforcement has left the scene, it is important to get the scene cleaned up as quickly and safely as possible.  RestorationMaster responds to all trauma scene cleaning needs in Des Moines, IA.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 for emergency response.

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