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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Marion, IA 52302


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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Marion, IA

Available 24 hours a day, RestorationMaster provides Marion, IA and other nearby Iowa communities with emergency restoration services, including water damage restoration, trauma scene cleaning, mold removal, fire and smoke damage repair, and commercial disaster restoration. As a member of RestorationMaster’s nationwide catastrophic response network, we have experience working with significant losses across the country, which includes the 9/11 aftermath.

We can be reach via phone at (888) 915-7197 on a 24/7 basis for the disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide in Marion, IA.

Water Damage Restoration — Marion, IA

Water damage might be the most common type of damage that occurs in homes and buildings, but all cases of water damage are different because of the source and absorption level. Rain, floods, high humidity, and other weather conditions can cause water damage, as well as internal concerns like burst pipes and leaky fixtures. With our water damage restoration services, RestorationMaster assists residential and commercial properties in Marion, IA that have suffered damage from excess water. We will remove standing water and use advanced drying equipment to thoroughly dry structural materials and damaged furnishings.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration— Marion, IA

Household fires can be caused by various things, which makes it possible for a fire to break out at nearly any time. With the harm that flames, corrosive byproducts, and smoke can cause, fires can result in serious damage to your property. Even after the fire has been extinguished, chemical byproducts and soot keep spreading, causing damage to new areas. With our fire and smoke damage repair services, RestorationMaster assists homes and businesses in Marion, IA, that have been damaged in a fire. If not addressed soon enough, smoke and soot damage will become permanent, so it’s important to seek help immediately after a fire to prevent this from happening.

Mold Removal & Remediation— Marion, IA

Mold spores exists in the environment naturally, but they can become a problem in homes and buildings. If provided with an organic food source and moist conditions, the spores will quickly turn into mold growth. The presence of mold is a serious concern because of the damage it can cause to building materials. Mold can also harm people with the negative health effects it presents including allergies, infections, and more. With our mold removal services, RestorationMaster assists residential and commercial buildings in Marion, IA with eliminating mold growth. We will ensure that all mold has been removed from the property, and we will work to prevent future mold growth by drying the area. To guarantee complete mold removal, we also conduct mold testing.

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning — Marion, IA

When you come across the scene of a violent crime or serious accident, it can be especially overwhelming, but it can also be dangerous. Such scenes often contain blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazard materials that can easily spread infection or disease. In order to ensure safety, a certified professional must clean up the biohazard materials and restore the scene. RestorationMaster restores and cleans these scenes with our trauma and crime scene cleaning services in Marion, IA. We employ technicians who remove biohazard materials in a safe manner, working to limit the potential for infection or disease to be spread. Additionally, if a crime has been committed on the scene, we know how to cooperate with law enforcement.

Commercial Disaster Restoration — Marion, IA

When a business has suffered damage from a natural disaster, it can be devastating. Not only will the company need to spend money on restoration, but it also needs to discontinue business operations until the restoration has been completed. It’s important to get help right away to limit further damage. With our commercial disaster restoration services, RestorationMaster repairs and restores businesses damaged by a disaster in Marion, IA. We know to work efficiently so that business operations can continue as soon as possible, and we will do what’s needed to ensure that healthy working conditions have been restored.

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