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Storm Damage Restoration for Marietta, GA

Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration


Those who live and work in the Marietta, GA area are aware of the types of severe weather that our local area experiences.  Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can bring excessive rain, flooding, strong winds, and hail that can result in serious property damage.  If your home or business is damaged by severe weather, it must be boarded up and stabilized immediately by a disaster restoration company to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration provides storm damage restoration services to help restore homes and commercial buildings in Marietta, GA that have sustained damage from a storm.  Our technicians will start by stabilizing your property and forming a restoration plan to repair the damage.

Storm Damage Cleanup in Marietta, GAStorm-Damage-Restoration-Marietta-GA

As already mentioned, Marietta, GA has experienced all types of severe weather conditions that can threaten your property.  Most severe storms consist of strong winds and rain that have the potential to cause extensive damage.  Powerful winds can tear apart the siding and roof of a building which leaves it open to rain and other outside elements.

If excessive rain or flooding finds its way inside, you could be dealing with extensive water damage.  If this occurs, you may end up requiring water damage restoration services as well.Strong winds are also dangerous because they can knock over trees and powerlines which can do considerable damage to buildings and vehicles.

At Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration, we are ready to help homes and businesses recover after sustaining damage in a storm.  We can quickly cover up holes in the siding and roof to protect the interior of the building and we will also stabilize major structural damage before it gets worse.

Our storm damage cleanup tips consist of the following in Marietta, GA:

  • Emergency board up and building stabilization
  • Roof tarping
  • Clearing of debris from your property
  • Repair of structural and exterior damage

Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration has a proud history of helping our local community, as well as other areas of the U.S., recover from the effects of severe weather.  Our technicians have traveled all over the country to provide assistance with the restoration effort after many major storms.

We helped with the restoration for Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Francis, and Hurricane Jeanne in 2004; Hurricane Katrina in 2005; Hurricane Ike and tropical storm Fay in 2008; Super Storm Sandy in 2013; Dayton, FL flooding in 2009; and Chicago area flooding in 2013.

Storm Damage Restoration in Marietta, GA

If your property in Marietta, GA experiences significant damage from a storm, do not hesitate to contact Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration.  We can quickly stabilize and secure your property and repair the damage to return it to its original condition.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (770) 679-2299 for your storm damage emergencies.

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Review by Rayandra Slonina

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Duraclean is thorough, professional and prompt. Most recently, they cleaned my sectional sofa. Justin was meticulous and gave me additional suggestions on how to spot clean (I have 4 dogs). The sofa looks and smells great. I highly recommend them!"

Review by Heather Flowers

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Duraclean and Justin did an excellent job on my carpet cleaning! The carpet looks practically new. Justin is very professional and provides great customer service. He was on time, very friendly , and provided great tips for any future stains. I would definitely use Duraclean for any future services."

Review by John Brooks

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“I was so comforted by this team.... Jennifer was so soft spoken & Kind & compassionate. Kris & Justin & Jennifer were all more than what we could have prayed for in this situation. Thank you.”

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