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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning for Roswell, GA

Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration

(770) 525-1994

Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration is a disaster restoration and cleaning service professional that has been serving the homes and businesses of Roswell, GA and the surrounding areas of Fulton County since 1986.  Throughout our years in business, we have built our reputation with our exceptional carpet and rug cleaning services and we offer the same quality and results with our disaster restoration services.  If your home or business is damaged by a natural disaster, we will arrive quickly to start the restoration process with attention to detail and a high level of professionalism.

We offer the following cleaning and restoration services in Roswell, GA:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewer backup cleaning
  • Mold remediation
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Biohazard cleaning
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Office Cleaning and Disinfection

We are dedicated to providing the best quality services at Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration to ensure your satisfaction with our results.  Our highly trained and IICRC certified technicians use the most advanced equipment and cleaning products available to fully restore damaged homes and commercial buildings.  As a member of the IFDA and holder of the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, we are committed to providing quality results that meet your expectations.  Because of our outstanding customer service, we have been awarded Best Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta by My Home Improvement magazine, the Best Pick Award from Home Reports, and three Angie’s List Super Service Awards.

Our staff at Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration is available to respond to emergencies in Roswell, GA and the surrounding areas in Fulton County 24 hours a day.  You can reach us any time at (770) 525-1994.

Water-Damage-Restoration-–-Roswell-GeorgiaWater Damage Restoration – Roswell, GA

Excess water is one of the leading causes of property damage because it can get inside in many ways and cause serious damage.  It is common for water damage to be caused by weather conditions like rain and flooding, as well as problems within the home or building like leaks, plumbing issues, sewage backups, and overflows.  If you do not address water right away, it will get absorbed into porous furnishings and building materials, allowing it to spread and cause structural damage.  Mold is also a common result of water damage due to the high moisture level.  At Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration, we provide water damage restoration services to remove excess water and flooding from homes and businesses in Roswell, GA.  We will ensure all water and moisture is removed and dry and restore the affected areas.

Sewage-Cleaning-Services-Roswell-GASewage Backup Cleaning – Roswell, GA

Water damage is already a serious problem, but the presence of sewage in the water makes the situation much worse.  Sewage may flood a home or building if there is a backup or if natural flood water mixed with sewage finds its way indoors.  If you suspect that there is sewage on your property, stay away from it because the dangerous toxins it contains can trigger illness and infection.  Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration provides sewage backup cleaning services to remove sewage from homes and businesses in Roswell, GA.  Our technicians have the proper equipment and cleaning products to fully remove all sewage and thoroughly disinfect the damaged areas to prevent negative health effects.

Commercial-Restoration-Services-In-Roswell, GACommercial Restoration – Roswell, GA

Natural disasters can cause enough damage to commercial properties to put them out of commission. Everything from flooding to fires to mold infestations all threaten financial turmoil to the business if the building is not restored right away. After large losses such as these, it’s important to ensure everyone’s safety and then contact your local restoration professional. Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration is available 24/7 in Roswell, GA and the surrounding areas to provide commercial restoration services for businesses of all sizes. Our technicians are trained and experienced to restore commercial properties from everything including floods, fires, storms, mold, and more.

Mold-Remediation-in-Roswell-GAMold Remediation – Roswell, GA

The presence of mold is a major problem in homes and commercial buildings as it can cause serious damage and trigger negative health effects.  Mold often appears if there is water damage because mold spores need moisture to form into mold growth.  Once mold starts growing, it can cause serious damage to the affected surfaces and even spread the growth by dispersing its spores.  The damage caused by mold and the risk of health issues will increase until the mold is removed.  Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration provides mold remediation services to remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings in Roswell, GA.  You can trust our technicians to remove all mold growth and ensure that the damaged areas are repaired and restored.

Reconstruction-Services-Roswell-GAReconstruction Services – Roswell, GA

Dealing with a large loss of any home or building can be traumatic, but the first few moments are the most crucial when preventing the risk of collapse and permanent damage. As soon as you find your property left in critical condition from a natural disaster, don’t hesitate to reach out for emergency recovery services. Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration is available 24/7 in Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas to provide reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are each experienced and trained to handle large losses, working with subcontractors, handymen, plumbers, and electricians to handle all parts of the reconstruction process. We can also provide restoration services to recover from water, fire, mold damage, and more.

Commercial-Carpet-Cleaning-Roswell-GACarpet Cleaning – Roswell, GA

The carpeting is an important furnishing in homes and commercial buildings as it contributes to the design and comfort of the space.  A dirty or stained carpet can make the entire room look dirty and give off a bad impression.  It can be difficult to keep carpeting clean because consistent foot traffic causes dirt and debris to buildup in the carpet fibers.  Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove this buildup.  At Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration, we provide high quality carpet cleaning services for homes and commercial buildings in Roswell, GA.  We use advanced cleaning products and methods to effectively remove stains and built up debris to restore the appearance of your carpeting.

Biohazard-Cleaning-Roswell-GABiohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Roswell, GA

It may be rare to encounter a scenario that involves biohazard materials on your property, but it is important to know how to react.  Scenes involving a serious injury or death typically contain biohazard materials like blood and bodily fluids which are very dangerous.  These materials contain bacteria and viruses that will spread infection and disease, especially if they are cleaned up improperly.  It is important to maintain your composure in these situations and make the call to emergency responders and a professional that can clean up the scene.  At Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration, we provide biohazard and trauma scene cleaning for these scenarios in Roswell, GA.  Our technicians will discreetly and effectively clean and disinfect the scene, and we can also work with law enforcement in cases involving a crime.

Fire-Damage-Restoration-In-Roswell-GAFire Damage Restoration – Roswell, GA

Fires are very dangerous disasters because they can happen virtually any time, cause serious damage, and put lives at risk.  It is important to evacuate your property as soon as a fire breaks out to ensure everyone’s safety and call the fire department to put out the fire.  Once the fire is out, you need to start the restoration of your property because the smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts lingering after a fire can continue to cause extensive damage.  Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration provides fire damage restoration services in Roswell, GA to clean up and restore homes and businesses damaged by a fire.  Our technicians will repair structural damage, clean up the effects of smoke and soot, and remove lingering smoke odors.

Frozen-Pipes-Water-Damage-Restoration-in-Roswell, GABurst Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Roswell, GA

Burst pipes and sprinkler heads can be a nightmare. The first sign to finding them is turning on the water and discovering that nothing comes out. The best way to prevent this water disaster is to find and thaw out any frozen pipes and sprinkler heads before they burst, using a number of heating techniques. But if it does burst, don’t hesitate to turn off the main water valve in your home. Then call Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration for full water damage restoration services from burst pipes and sprinkler heads. Our professionals are available in Roswell, GA and the surrounding areas to quickly extract water from homes and commercial properties, fully restoring them to their original condition. We also work with insurance companies during the claims process to make matters easier for you.

Office-Cleaning-and-Disinfection-Services-Roswell-GAOffice Cleaning and Disinfection – Roswell, GA

When running a business or managing a commercial or public building, it is important to make sure the space is cleaned and disinfected regularly.  Regular cleaning not only improves the appearance of the office or building, but also helps protect against the spread of illnesses such as the flu, cold, and coronavirus. Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration provides office cleaning and disinfection services in Roswell, GA to decontaminate offices and commercial buildings and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning products and methods to treat the entire space including high touch point areas.

Storm-Damage-Restoration-in-Roswell-GAStorm Damage Cleanup in Roswell, GA

At Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration, we are proud to help families and businesses in Roswell, GA recover from the effects of storms. We will clean up debris and perform repairs in a way that’s fast, safe, and effective. If you have just suffered from significant storm damage in Roswell, GA, contact Duraclean Cleaning and Restoration at (770) 525-1994 for emergency storm damage cleanup services.


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Recent Reviews

Review by Rayandra Slonina

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Duraclean is thorough, professional and prompt. Most recently, they cleaned my sectional sofa. Justin was meticulous and gave me additional suggestions on how to spot clean (I have 4 dogs). The sofa looks and smells great. I highly recommend them!"

Review by Heather Flowers

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Duraclean and Justin did an excellent job on my carpet cleaning! The carpet looks practically new. Justin is very professional and provides great customer service. He was on time, very friendly , and provided great tips for any future stains. I would definitely use Duraclean for any future services."

Review by John Brooks

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“I was so comforted by this team.... Jennifer was so soft spoken & Kind & compassionate. Kris & Justin & Jennifer were all more than what we could have prayed for in this situation. Thank you.”

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