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Mold Remediation – Carson City, Nevada


Mold and mildew are very dangerous if they start to grow in your home. Depending on your home’s altitude and climate, some homes may be more prone to humidity and mold growth.  Since mold spores travel so easily through the air, they can attach and start to grow on almost any surface.

Mold Removal

mold remediation Carson City Nevada

Mold Remediation

Places in your home that have constant humidity, like your bathroom, basement and kitchen, are generally places that thrive in mold and mildew.  Since mold can easily eat through porous materials such as your drywall, clothing, furniture and floors, it is important that you remove it as soon as possible. RestorationMaster, Carson City NV, knows that mold and mildew can be detrimental to you and your family’s health.  It can hurt family members who have asthma or respiratory problems as well as create new problems such as headaches and breathing troubles.

RestorationMaster has the latest technology that can ensure your mold problem is fixed quickly and efficiently.  Not only will they remove the mold, but they can help make sure it doesn’t grow back.  They will help educate you in the process so you can continue to keep your home safe year round.  By tackling the problem sooner rather then later, they know it can save you time and money in the long run.

Choose professional mold remediation and mold removal services from RestorationMaster, Carson City Nevada, by calling us at 888-915-8868, and discover true “Peace of Mind.”