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Restoration & Cleaning Services – Carson City, Nevada


RestorationMaster can handle all your emergency needs.  Whether it be water extraction, dry-out services, board ups, temporary shoring, tree removal or roof repairs, they can handle any emergency you have.  Along with these services, RestorationMaster specializes in fire damage, water damage and mold removal.  During these hard times they can also work with your insurance companies directly to lessen the stress that comes with restoration.  RestorationMaster, Carson City is here to help restore your “peace of mind.”

Post Construction Cleaning – Carson City, NV
Construction projects in a home or building often leave the site in disrepair as crews track dirt and dust throughout the building and sometimes leave behind building materials and other debris.  Construction sites must be cleaned up once the work is finished to make them safe to enter and RestorationMaster provides post construction cleanup services in Carson City, NV to clean up and restore construction sites.  We will remove all dirt and dust from the building as well as any debris left behind such as building materials and tools.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out – Carson City, NV
When your personal belongings are damaged in a disaster, it can add to the frustration of the situation and make the cleaning and restoration process more complicated.  It is possible for various personal items to be affected by water, mold, and fire and if these items are not cleaned and restored fast enough, the damage could become permanent.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services to help clean and restore any type of personal content in Carson City, NV.  We can do the content restoration at your home if it is in stable condition or we can pack-out your content and take it to our secured facility.

Hoarding Cleaning Services – Carson City, NV
The consequences of hoarding can be very dangerous as a hoard of collected items can increase fire risks, restrict access within the home, and create unsanitary conditions that could threaten the health of those within.  It is important to reach out to a friend or family member that hoards to help them begin the cleaning process before the mess gets out of hand.  RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services in Carson City, NV to help remove hoarded items and clean and restore the home.  Our approach emphasizes establishing a feeling of trust with the affected individual and keeping them in charge of the cleaning process.

Biohazard Cleaning – Carson City, NV
There are many types of biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids, sewage, mold, bacteria, and chemicals that can cause infection and disease with dangerous viruses and toxins.  Mishandling these biohazard materials can be very hazardous which is why you should call a certified professional to clean them up.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleaning services in Carson City, NV to remove all types of biohazard materials from the scene of a major accident, violent crime, or sewage backup.  We will fully clean and disinfect the area once the biohazard materials are removed and we work with a sense of compassion and respect for those affected in cases of a serious injury or death.