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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Tucson, AZ

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A lot of people are familiar with hoarding and the common behaviors that come with it, but few truly understand the nature of hoarding disorder.  Hoarding is considered a mental disorder and those who are affected often suffer from severe anxiety or depression which makes it very difficult for them to throw anything away.  As they allow the clutter to build in their homes, the living conditions become increasingly dangerous.  Extensive clutter blocks pathways and exits in the home, increases the risk of injury from trips or falling objects, and allows for bacteria and mold growth which can have serious health consequences.  It is crucial to reach out to a hoarder before their living conditions become too dangerous to help them start the cleaning process.

At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, we provide hoarding and estate cleaning services in Tucson, AZ to remove clutter and clean homes affected by hoarding.  Our trained and experienced technicians can handle hoarding cleaning projects of any scale and help return the home to safe and sanitary living conditions.  We also understand that hoarding situations should be approached with sensitivity and we take an honest and respectful approach that keeps the individual involved in the process.

Starting the Hoarding Cleaning Process


People who struggle with hoarding issues rarely if ever decide to address the problem themselves.  Some people who hoard are too embarrassed to draw attention to their disorder while others may not realize that their behaviors are dangerous.  At this stage, a trusted friend or family member must approach the affected individual to explain the danger of the situation and the importance of cleaning the home.  Only after the individual agrees to move ahead with the cleaning process should you involve a professional cleaner.

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration is prepared to fully clear out homes affected by hoarding, as well as clean and restore the home once the unwanted items are removed.  We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and techniques and work within the rules and regulations of OSHA, the EPA, and the Department of Transportation.  We are also equipped to clean up biohazard materials such as dead animals and bodily fluids.

Our hoarding cleaning services include:

  • Location and saving of valuable items like je welry, money, and others
  • Removal of unwanted items and debris
  • Help coordinating the disposal or recycling of unwanted items
  • Help distributing items to family members or charities
  • Completion of paper work required by lawyers, trusts, and government agencies

3 Phase Hoarding Cleaning Approach

The most important aspect of hoarding cleaning is forming a relationship with the affected individual based on trust and respect.  It is crucial to earn the trust of the individual before starting any cleaning and to involve them in every step of the process so that they can make the decisions.  We have divided our hoarding cleaning services into the following three phases to build a connection with the hoarder and complete the cleaning successfully:

Phase 1: Connecting with the Individual

  • We try our best to assess the scope of the problem before starting the cleaning or entering the home.
  • We talk to the affected individual and their family about the cleaning process and proceed only when the individual agrees. We may also put families in touch with a counseling professional if necessary.
  • We develop a personal relationship with the affected individual based on trust and respect.

Phase 2: Planning and Cleaning

  • We create a basic cleaning plan with help from the affected individual and their family.
  • We will help clean, sanitize, and reorganize the home once the unwanted items are removed.
  • The affected individual makes the final decision on what to do with each item while our technicians coordinate the disposal, recycling, or donation of the unwanted items.

Phase 3: Follow Up

  • After the cleaning, we will help create a follow up plan for the individual to keep their home clean.
  • We will follow up with a phone call to see if the cleaning plan is being followed. If the home has become cluttered again, we will return for further cleaning services.
  • Our technicians show respect for the affected individual through the entire process and make sure they are always in control.

If someone close to you has created a dangerous situation in their home due to hoarding behaviors, reach out to them as soon as possible.  Discuss the importance of returning their home to safe living conditions and contact ServiceMaster All Care Restoration once they agree to proceed with the cleaning.  Our experienced technicians take a respectful approach to hoarding cleaning and we have the tools necessary to clean and restore hoarded homes.  You can call us any time at (520) 363-2226 for more information about our hoarding cleaning services in Tucson, AZ.

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