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Water Damage Restoration in Oak Lawn, IL

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Water-Damage-Restoration-Oak-Lawn-ILWhen excess water gets into your home or building, it can spread quickly through porous objects and materials and cause widespread property damage.  Most cases of water damage are caused by a plumbing leak or leak in the roof or foundation, but water damage can also occur from a burst pipe, broken appliance, sewage backup, or adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and natural flooding.

The initial damage caused by excess water starts with warped flooring or drywall and wet carpeting but can quickly worsen to include structural damage and mold growth.  Water mitigation must begin on your property as soon as you notice a problem to prevent extensive damage.

Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs provides full water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses affected by water damage in Oak Lawn, IL.

Whether you are dealing with a leak or standing water from a flood, our technicians can help with our advanced water extraction equipment and structural drying.  Each of our technicians has passed a background check and they have been properly trained to respond to water damage emergencies.  Calling us as soon as you notice the damage will help us contain the spread of the water and reverse the effects before they become permanent.

Water Mitigation 

Warping and discoloration of the flooring, drywall, and woodwork is only the beginning of the damage caused by water.  The water will continue to spread and move up the walls and under the flooring into the subfloors where it can cause additional damage.  Any of these materials can become structurally compromised if they absorb too much water and become a haven for mold growth.  This is why you cannot wait to call Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs for water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Our technicians have the experience and equipment to handle any case of water damage and they are highly trained to use proven methods including Rapid Structural Drying.  This is the process of drying affected objects and materials by using advanced dehumidification equipment and air movers to extract the water and evaporate the moisture.

Rapid Structural Drying helps restore the damaged items and materials on your property quickly and save them from permanent damage.  We will also use moisture meters to find any hidden water damage and ensure that the water and moisture has been effectively removed.

If you are not sure if you should file a claim for the water damage, our technicians can help you determine if the damage is severe enough to get your insurance company involved with a claim.  During our initial inspection, we will assess the source of the water that caused the damage and whether or not the cost of the damage from the excess water exceeds your deductible.

We will then help you decide if it is in your best interest to file a claim with your insurance provider.  If you do file a claim, we provide direct billing services in which we will directly bill your insurance carrier to cover the claim.

If you find significant water damage in your home or building, follow these tips to help limit the damage:

  • Try to remain calm and contact Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs for emergency water mitigation.
  • Turn off the water at the emergency shut off valve to stop the flooding.
  • Turn off the circuit breakers before unplugging or removing any electrical devices.
  • Put aluminum foil under all furniture legs to protect the carpet from staining.
  • Lift curtains and drapes off the floor.
  • Lift up upholstery on your furniture that hangs on the floor.
  • Remove items that can stain a wet carpet including books, shoes, potted plants, etc.

Make sure you do not do any of the following after sustaining water damage:

  • Do not use your vacuum to remove water, there is a risk of electric shock or damaging your vacuum.
  • Do not lay down newspapers in wet areas because the ink can transfer to wet carpeting or furniture and cause stains.
  • Do not walk on wet carpeting more than necessary to avoid further damage.

Rainbow International Restoration offers comprehensive loss documentation on fire and water losses with 3D technology.

We can capture any loss in its entirety, including its exact dimensions. Not only does this serve the purpose of thoroughly documenting the condition of the structure, but it also captures the condition of people’s personal belongings and a business’s inventory. We can easily share the job link with the customer, their adjuster, and the contractor that will be performing the build back. This type of documentation reduces disputes over the severity of the loss and improves efficiency all the way around.

When it comes to insurance claims, it is critical that we have an agreed scope of work with the adjuster. Providing meticulous documentation of the damage helps move the claims process along. If your home or business has suffered a fire or water loss, Rainbow is your beginning to end resource.

comprehensive loss documentation on fire and water losses with 3D technology

If your home or business in Oak Lawn, IL is affected by a leak or a flood, contact Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs as soon as possible for professional water damage restoration.  Our technicians will immediately contain the spread of the water and begin the restoration of the affected areas.

We will also help keep out of pocket costs low with our price match guarantee that applies to non-covered claims.  We will match or beat estimates from other professionals that adhere to the IICRC’s standard of care.

You can reach Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs 24 hours a day at (708) 571-2550 for emergency water mitigation.

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Disaster Restoration
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