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Mold Remediation / Mold Removal for Geneva, IL

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Mold tends to thrive in dark and moisture-ridden spaces. If your property has been affected by water damage, the moist areas are vulnerable to mold growth because excess moisture creates an ideal environment for the fungus to grow. Mold also needs a food source to thrive and it typically feeds on cellulose that is naturally present in wood, drywall and many other organic materials. If the mold is allowed to grow for too long, it will end up causing discoloration and significant damage to these features.

The other problem with mold is that it can spread very quickly by dispersing its spores. The mold spores not only spread the growth, but also increase certain health risks such as allergies and respiratory problems.

Our Mold Removal Services in Geneva, IL

S&R Systems recognizes that just removing the mold growth is not sufficient; we also focus on preventing the problem from returning. We use the most advanced equipment and the latest techniques in our work to provide comprehensive and effective mold remediation services to both commercial and residential customers.  The work process we follow is detailed and ensures the problem is addressed in the best possible way:

  • We thoroughly inspect and evaluate your property and identify the spots in which the mold is growing
  • A thorough assessment report will be compiled and submitted to your insurance company
  • The infected areas will be isolated which helps protect the rest of the areas from getting affected by the mold growth
  • The technicians also create a comprehensive plan to remove all the mold
  • Tried & tested cleaning solutions are used to remove the mold from your property

If you hesitate to address a mold growth issue, it can impact the health of those who live or work on your property and lead to serious damage. The damage can soon become so extensive that you will end up spending significant amounts of money replacing various articles and items on your property. Avoid this by calling RestorationMaster at (630) 576-0336 for prompt and efficient mold remediation services in Geneva, IL.