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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services for Geneva, IL

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When any disaster occurs, it’s very natural for people to focus on restoring and fixing various structural elements such as drywall and floors as well as large pieces of furniture. However, you must also remember to salvage, protect, and restore your damaged personal items; this can save you a considerable amount of time, trouble, and money. Fire, water, and mold can quickly damage personal belongings such as clothes, furniture, decorative pieces, and trinkets etc. Some of these pieces may be irreplaceable and the insurance cover isn’t of any help.

We at RestorationMaster provide content cleaning and pack-out services in Geneva, IL to clean and restore damaged personal content. We will clean and restore items at the site when possible. However, if the site has been badly impacted by the disaster, we will pack all the items and restore them at our warehouse. With our pack-out services, we can ensure that all your personal belongings are packed well, removed from your property, and stored at a secure location before they suffer permanent damage at the affected site.

Content Cleaning and Restoration in Geneva, IL

Personal belongings can be valuable and some of them also have sentimental value which makes them irreplaceable. The only way to ensure they aren’t damaged is to clean and restore them without delay. We have highly trained and experienced technicians that use the latest equipment and advanced techniques to expertly remove all signs of disaster from your personal belongings and restore them to their former state.

Many of these items could be delicate and the byproducts of fire and water-related disasters can end up causing a lot of damage. If your property has been declared safe, the content will be cleaned on site. However, if the site is unstable or unsafe, all the content will be packed up and taken to our warehouse for cleaning and restoration.

Pack-Out Services in Geneva, IL

Natural disasters such as fire and floods can sometimes leave your home or building in a dangerously unstable state. However, it’s possible to salvage and repair the contents in the building. Our expert technicians will carefully remove all the content from the affected site and ensure they are restored and then stocked at our warehouse.  Our pack-out services cover:

  • Assessment – All the items will be carefully examined by our technicians to assess the level of damage.
  • Packing – Once we have completed the assessment, the items will be carefully packed and transported to a secure warehouse.
  • Restoration – All the content will be unloaded & unpacked and every item will be meticulously cleaned and restored. We use specialized cleaning solutions and advanced techniques in our work and the items will be finished individually. All your belongings will be stored in our climate-controlled warehouses until the time they can be transported back to your home or building.

RestorationMaster  has the expertise and the experience to restore your personal belongings to their former state. For more information about our content cleaning and pack-out services, feel free to call us at (630) 576-0336 and we’ll be happy to help.