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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services at Geneva, IL


Water Damage Restoration – Geneva, IL

Sometimes, your property suffers water damage due to a natural disaster like a storm or flood or even due to accidents like pipe bursts or poorly-installed drainage systems. Most people don’t realize how severe this damage can become if it isn’t addressed on time. It’s crucial to attend to this problem immediately as water spreads very fast and affects materials such as furniture, floors, drywall etc.  Many of these materials can also sustain permanent damage from excess water. RestorationMaster can handle all types of water damage restoration jobs; we will assess the damage and ensure that all the water and moisture is completely removed from your property. The restoration work involves drying, cleaning, and repairs of the installations and features that have been affected by the water.

Sewage Backup Cleaning – Geneva, IL

Indoor flooding can lead to many issues in a home or building and the effects of flooding are much worse if there is sewage water involved.  Sewage can end up in your home due to a backup or natural flooding and it contains dangerous materials like human waste and bacteria that can trigger health issues.  If you have water in your home and suspect that it contains sewage, make sure you contact a professional immediately.  RestorationMaster provides sewage backup cleaning to remove flooding that contains sewage from homes in Geneva, IL.  Our water extraction equipment will safely remove sewage water and our technicians will clean the entire area to remove dangerous waste materials and bacteria.

Fire Damage- Geneva, IL

If a fire erupts in your home or commercial building, it can cause a significant amount of damage even after it’s been extinguished. The soot and smoke settles onto the floors, walls, furniture and upholstery in the indoor spaces and can permanently tarnish and damage them. This makes it important to call fire damage professionals to fix the damage, once the fire department clears the property. We at RestorationMaster expertly remove all traces of smoke, soot and other byproducts of the fire from your property. Our technicians will restore all the items that the fire has damaged as well as completely remove smoke odor so your home or building is back to its previous condition.

Mold Remediation – Geneva, IL

Whenever there is a water-related disaster in your home or building, there is a good chance that this will also result in mold growth. Any damp and warm areas in the indoor space speed up the mold growth and it’s important that any mold be contained and removed as soon as possible. Mold remediation isn’t a DIY job as the mold spores can affect the health of those who live or work on your property by causing allergies and respiratory issues. At RestorationMaster , our technicians will arrive at your home or commercial premises, assess the spread of the mold, and then use the most effective and advanced mold removal methods. In addition, we restore as well as refinish all the stained and damaged surfaces so everything is restored to its normal condition.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Outs – Geneva, IL

Properties that are affected by water-related disasters or a fire generally sustain significant structural damage as well as damage to the content within the home. Many of your personal belongings such as clothes, books, movable furniture and other items may be affected and if these items are not restored right away, the damage may become permanent. We at RestorationMaster can clean and restore your personal content that has been damaged in a disaster with our content cleaning and pack-out services. If the damage to your home is very severe, all the items will be moved to our facility where they will be cleaned, restored, and stored until your property is inhabitable again. We can then transport them back to your location when your property is in a good condition.

Carpet Cleaning – Geneva, IL

Carpeting is one of the most common flooring types in a home or commercial building and it is also vulnerable to discoloration and general wear and tear from daily foot traffic.  As dirt and debris from the foot traffic build up within the carpet fibers, the carpet will start looking dull and dirty and the fibers will eventually start to come apart.  RestorationMaster provides carpet cleaning services to fully clean and restore carpeting for homes and businesses in Geneva, IL.  Our technicians use the hot water extraction method which will not only lift embedded debris and stains from the carpet, but also restore the original color of the carpet and help extend its life.

Trauma Scene Cleaning – Geneva, IL

The possibility of discovering the scene of a serious injury or death may be small, but it is a real possibility and you will need to act fast if you are faced with this scenario.  Emergency responders like the police and EMTs must be called immediately and if there are biohazard materials like blood or bodily fluids at the scene, you must stay away and call a professional that can clean them up.  Biohazard materials consist of dangerous toxins that cause infection or disease and improper cleaning causes them to spread quicker and easier.  RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleaning services to restore the scene of an accident or violent crime in Geneva, IL that contains dangerous biohazard materials.  We have the right equipment and cleaning products to safely remove all biohazard materials and we are also considerate of those who may be dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Emergency Board Up – Geneva, IL

Disasters like storms, floods, and fires are known to cause property damage and there are instances when this damage can be severe enough to threaten the structural integrity of a home or building.  Buildings with heavy structural damage are vulnerable to collapse if they are not stabilized and if there are large holes in the siding or roof, further damage may result due to vandalism or the weather.  As soon as you discover this type of damage to your home or building, you must call a professional immediately to have it stabilized.  RestorationMaster provides professional board up services to stabilize and secure severely damaged homes and buildings in Geneva, IL.  Our technicians will stabilize the structural damage to prevent collapse and cover any holes in the roof or siding with tarp or boards.


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