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Residential Cleaning Services for West Chicago, IL

In response to the Covid-19 situation, ServiceMaster of Aurora provides professional Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in the West Chicago, IL area.


ServiceMaster of Aurora provides a variety of cleaning services for homes and businesses in West Chicago and the surrounding areas in DuPage County.  Our staff can perform any of our cleaning services in commercial and residential settings and we are dedicated to achieving a level of cleanliness that meets or exceeds your expectations.

The main services we provide include hard surface floor cleaning for wood floors, laminate floors, and tile and grout surfaces.  Using the industry’s most advanced cleaning systems, we will remove deeply embedded soil and restore the look and shine of your hard surface floors.  Call us to learn more about our floor renewal system for hard surface floors.

ServiceMaster of Aurora employs highly trained technicians that strive to provide the best cleaning services to West Chicago and DuPage County.  Our main cleaning services include air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, deep house cleaning, wood floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and laminate floor cleaning.  We use the best cleaning products and equipment of the industry to create a cleaner and healthier environment in your home or office.  Call us at (630)427-4046 to learn more.

Wood Flor Cleaning West Chicago ILWood Floor Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

Many homeowners choose hardwood floors because they add value and beauty to your home.  Wood floors can last for a long time but if they are not properly maintained, they will wear down and gather dirt and other debris within the crevices.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides wood floor cleaning services in West Chicago, IL to remove embedded debris from the floor and restore its original appearance.  Our technicians are trained to safely clean all types of wood floors.

Laminate Floor Cleaning West Chicago ILLaminate Floor Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

Laminate floors are a popular flooring option because they are durable and affordable but they can accumulate dirt and debris within the crevices that will not be removed by sweeping and mopping.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides laminate floor cleaning services in West Chicago, IL.  Our technicians will effectively remove the dirt and debris from the crevices of your laminate floor using our advanced cleaning systems.

Tile and Grout Cleaning West Chicago ILTile and Grout Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

Tile and grout is commonly used for flooring and walls in kitchens and bathrooms because of its resistance to moisture but these surfaces can become worn out and gather dirt in the grout lines.  ServiceMaster of Aurora offers tile and grout cleaning services to homes in West Chicago, IL.  Using high pressure cleaning machines, our technicians will restore the look of your tile by removing dirt and mildew from the tile and grout lines.

Carpet Cleaning West Chicago ILCarpet Cleaning Services – West Chicago, IL

The carpet is one of the most heavily used furnishings in a home or building and the constant foot traffic causes the carpet to accumulate dirt and debris that settles deep in the fibers.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in West Chicago, IL.  Our technicians can remove deeply embedded dirt from your carpet fibers and restore their appearance using our advanced cleaning equipment

Heavy House Cleaning West Chicago ILHeavy House Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

It is beneficial to keep a clean home not only because it helps maintain its appearance, but also because it contributes to a healthier living environment.  Many homeowners perform routine cleaning on their home but it helps to have your home deep cleaned at least once a year.  ServiceMaster of Aurora offers deep house cleaning services to homes in West Chicago, IL.  Our technicians will clean every room of your home from the ceiling to the floor.

Air Duct Cleaning West Chicago ILAir Duct Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

The air ducts in a home or building consistently gather dirt, dust, and other debris from the air that can decrease the efficiency of the system and contribute to unhealthy breathing air.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning services in West Chicago, IL to remove dirt and dust particles from the air duct system and its components.  Our services will improve the efficiency of your air duct system and contribute to healthier breathing air.

Upholstery Cleaning West Chicago ILUpholstery Cleaning – West Chicago, IL

The upholstery of your furniture gathers dirt and other debris within the fabric that can cause it to wear out and eventually deteriorate.  Hard soil and dirt can become abrasive to the upholstery when someone sits on the furniture which makes it deteriorate faster.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides upholstery cleaning services in West Chicago, IL.  We can remove deeply embedded soil from the upholstery using our advanced equipment to clean and restore your furniture.