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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Derry, NH


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Fires move and grow so quickly that there’s no time to protect items or move them to safety. The only priority should be to evacuate everyone from the building; don’t even stop to call 911 from inside. A fire is a terrifying experience and there’s an understandable sense of relief once the fire department declares that it’s out.

fire-damage-restoration-Derry, NH

Fire Damage Restoration in Derry, NH

The flames may be out, but secondary destruction is still taking place, due to toxic fumes, soot, smoke, and even water and firefighting chemicals. They wreak havoc on everything inside your home or business, even items that weren’t initially damaged in the fire and will continue to do so until remediation begins. RestorationMaster provides high-quality fire and smoke damage restoration to residential and commercial clients in Derry, NH, and the surrounding areas that have experienced fire damage. We’ve restored large and small fire damage projects and we’ll work with your insurance company to expedite the claims process. The technicians at RestorationMaster have decades of experience and extensive training in fire and smoke damage restoration. We use the most effective products and equipment in the industry to gently but effectively restore damaged items, even items you were ready to discard. It’s important to call us quickly after a fire; waiting too long can make damage become permanent, and mold growth begins in as little as 48 hours after exposure to excess water.

RestorationMaster’s Fire Damage Restoration includes:

  • Precleaning of heavily damaged items;
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning;
  • Odor removal;
  • Content cleaning on-site if possible, pack-out services if the structure isn’t stable.

What To Do In Case Of Fire

Of course, the first thing anyone should do in case of a fire is to evacuate the building and call 911. After the fire is out and any injuries have been seen to, call your insurance agent and take these steps to mitigate the damage.

  • Call a reputable fire damage restoration company, like RestorationMaster
  • If the power was turned off, throw away everything in the refrigerator.
  • Throw away open food packages in the cupboards, even if box tops were closed. Soot and toxins can drift under flaps.
  • Tape a couple of layers of damp cheesecloth over your supply and return vents to keep soot from circulating, and change the filters on your HVAC system.
  • If the temperature outside is above 60 degrees, open doors, and windows to let out the toxic fumes and let in the fresh air.
  • Wipe down Formica, aluminum, porcelain, and chrome surfaces to prevent tarnishing and etching.

What Not To Do In Case Of Fire

  • Don’t use ceiling fans or fixtures if the ceiling is wet until an electrician has inspected them.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances until they’ve been inspected. It may be cheaper to discard small ones, like toasters, and buy new ones.
  • Don’t try to clean soot-covered surfaces yourself. Commercially available products may make them worse.
  • Don’t try to clean or remove carpets by yourself. They may tear or stretch, and commercially available products and equipment aren’t strong enough to handle this type of cleanup.
  • Don’t touch damaged upholstery, woodwork, or walls with your bare hands. The oils on your hands can cause further damage to already delicate surfaces.

Fire Damage Restoration in Derry, NH

Fires cause primary and secondary damage, so it’s important to call for restoration quickly before the damage becomes permanent. RestorationMaster provides comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration to homes and businesses in Derry, NH, and the surrounding areas that have experienced fires of any size. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrive quickly, assess the situation, and start the remediation process.

Call us at (781) 604-1476 for outstanding fire and smoke damage restoration.

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