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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Peabody, MA

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ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. has been the main provider of disaster restoration and cleaning services for the homes and businesses in Peabody, MA since 1994.  We are fully equipped to provide complete cleaning and disaster restoration services and we are located in Stoneham, MA to service the surrounding areas in Middlesex and Essex counties.  Our current owners Dan Noyes and Chris Carey started ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. in 1994 when they combined their restoration and cleaning businesses.  We are now one of the most trusted providers of disaster restoration and cleaning services in Massachusetts, and we use advanced restoration methods, equipment, and cleaning products to fully restore residential and commercial properties.

Our main disaster restoration and cleaning services include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, content cleaning and pack-out, hoarding cleaning, mold remediation, and carpet cleaning among others.  The technicians of ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. are highly trained and certified by the IICRC, Indoor Air Quality Association, and the ServiceMaster Clean Quality Assured Program.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (781) 350-5510 to respond to emergency situations in the Peabody, MA area.

Water Damage Restoration for Peabody, MAWater Damage Restoration – Peabody, MA

Water damage is almost inevitable because it has so many potential causes, but you can help limit the damage when it occurs by reacting quickly.  Excess water or moisture in a home or building is dangerous because it spreads deep into porous building materials where it increases the risk of serious damage.  Homes and businesses affected by water damage are also vulnerable to mold growth, making it important to call for water damage restoration quickly.  ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. provides water damage restoration services to help cleanup and restore homes and businesses in Peabody, MA that have been affected by water damage.  Whether the damage is caused by a leak or flood, our technicians will effectively remove excess water and restore the damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration for Peabody, MAFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Peabody, MA

There are few things that scare homeowners and business owners more than a fire because they can essentially wipe out everything you have worked for in a matter of minutes.  A fire can start at any time and put those inside, as well as your property at serious risk.  It is very important to evacuate the building and call the fire department, and you must begin the restoration process as soon as possible to salvage your property.  ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. provides fire and smoke damage restoration services to help repair and restore homes and commercial buildings in Peabody, MA that have experienced a fire.  Our technicians will not only repair the damage from the fire, but also clean and restore the objects and materials affected by smoke, soot, and corrosive byproducts.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services for Peabody, MAContent Cleaning and Pack-Out – Peabody, MA

When a major disaster occurs in your home, it is nearly impossible to protect all your personal items from damage.  Fire, smoke, mold, and water is pervasive and causes widespread damage to both your home, and your personal content.  It is possible for any of these disasters to cause permanent damage to many of your more delicate personal items unless the restoration begins quickly.  At ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc., we provide content cleaning and restoration services in Peabody, MA to quickly restore your items that were damaged in a disaster.  We can clean and restore your content within your home, but if the condition of your home is too severe, we offer pack-out services to take them to our facility for cleaning.

Mold Removal Services for Peabody, MAMold Remediation – Peabody, MA

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that is good for the environment, but it is dangerous in a home or building.  Mold growth may appear in your home or business at any time because the mold spores that are naturally in the air will form into mold growth when it encounters moist conditions.  The damage caused by mold ranges from discoloration to severe structural damage, and its presence will also increase the risk of serious mold related health effects.  ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. can remove mold growth from homes and businesses in Peabody, MA with our mold remediation services.  We will find and remove all mold from your property and save as much of the damaged materials as possible.

Hoarding Cleaning Services for Peabody, MAHoarding Cleaning – Peabody, MA

The common behaviors of hoarders are well known, but many may not realize that hoarding is actually a mental disorder characterized by extreme anxiety.  Those who struggle with hoarding issues allow items to collect in their homes because their anxiety prevents them from throwing anything away.  As the clutter builds, the situation becomes more dangerous because the hoarded items can cause injuries, block areas of the home, increase fire risks, and lead to an unsanitary buildup of dirt and mold.  ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. can help hoarders in the Peabody, MA area with our complete hoarding cleaning services.  It is important to help a hoarder clean their home before the living conditions become dangerous, but you must take a delicate approach because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Peabody, MACarpet Cleaning Services – Peabody, MA

The condition of a carpet in a home or commercial building can affect the look, comfort, and cleanliness of the space.  The daily foot traffic the carpet experiences contributes to a build-up of dirt and debris that will only get deeper into the carpet fibers over time.  This debris buildup can cause discoloration or staining of the carpet, as well as damage to the carpet fibers which can shorten its life.  At ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc., we can clean and revitalize commercial or residential carpeting with our carpet cleaning services in Peabody, MA.  Our technicians use advanced stain removers, plus the hot water extraction cleaning method, to remove all dirt and stains from your carpet and help extend its life.

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I was very pleased with the work it was done in a timely manner everything was explained to me so that I understood what was going on I would recommend your services very highly thank you for your kindness Mary. Mitchell
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