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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Derry, NH


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For disaster restoration and cleaning services in Derry, NH, call RestorationMaster at (781) 604-1476.

RestorationMaster provides these disaster restoration services:

  • Carpet cleaning;
  • Water damage restoration;
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration;
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services;
  • Mold remediation;
  • Hoarding cleaning.

Water Damage Restoration – Derry, NHwater-damage-restoration-Derry, NH

Water causes the majority of damage to homes and businesses because it comes from so many sources. Mold damage comes from one source, but water damage can come from a leaking pipe, a broken water heater, flash flooding, or a sewage backup, just to name a few. Never let standing water sit and hope it evaporates because it will soak into porous surfaces like wood, drywall, or textiles and spread further into the building. As it spreads, it rots fibers and raises humidity, causing more damage and leading to mold growth in as fast as 48 hours. RestorationMaster provides full service water damage restoration to residential and commercial clients in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas who have excess water. We’ll provide a free estimate of the project and work to limit the impact on your daily life. Our technicians have decades of experience removing all traces of excess water and moisture, as well as restoring delicate heirlooms and electronics and rebuilding damaged structural elements.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Derry, NHFire-damage-restoration-Derry, NH

Fires are terrifying because they grow and move quickly. You may think the danger is over once the flames are out, but that’s only the primary source of the damage. Secondary causes like soot, smoke, toxic fumes, and even firefighting chemicals can tarnish and ruin the contents of your home or business unless remediation begins quickly. RestorationMaster offers high-quality fire damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas that have experienced fires of all sizes. We arrive on the scene quickly to assess the situation and stop the damage before it becomes permanent. We use only the most effective products and equipment available in the industry to remove soot and other toxins from furnishings, eliminate the horrible smoky stench, and rebuild damaged structural components.


Mold Removal and Remediation – Derry, NHmold-removal-Derry, NH

Mold grows quickly after a water leak because the spores are already in the air and feed from commonly found sources of cellulose like cardboard, clothing, and drywall. They just need moisture to start growing. Left untreated, the mold can spread to hidden areas like inside walls, where remediation is more difficult and expensive, and the mold can travel undetected. RestorationMaster not only provides comprehensive mold remediation services to homes and business in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas, but we’ll also repair the original cause of the excess moisture. We use advanced technology to find mold even in hidden places and use products available only to the trade to eradicate all traces of it before it can damage more property or cause health issues.

content-cleaning-pack-out-Derry, NHPack-out and Content Cleaning – Derry, NH

Disasters usually affect more than just a structure; the contents inside often suffer the same fate. Finding personal possessions severely damaged can be heartbreaking, but in many cases, these items can be salvaged if restoration begins quickly. RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services to residential and commercial clients in Derry, NH and surrounding areas who have experienced any kind of disaster that requires restoration. We can clean and restore all kinds of items, even heirlooms and electronics that you thought were lost forever. We do most restoration work on-site, but if the building isn’t structurally stable, we’ll inventory and pack-out the items and take them to our secure facility for restoration, store them until the building has been repaired, and return them to you.

Hoarding Cleaning – Derry, NHHoarding Cleaning – Derry, NH

Hoarding is no longer considered laziness or a lack of housekeeping skills. It’s recognized as an anxiety disorder that affects more families that one might think. For reasons that may be unknown to even the individual, there is a compulsion to collect items that may have no value, or an inability to throw anything away. These “collections” aren’t organized in any manner and over time the items pile up and limit access to areas of the home, creating safety hazards. Dust, mold, insects, and rodents can also be found in these piles, creating health hazards. RestorationMaster provides compassionate cleaning and restoration services for people in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas who have a family member or loved one dealing with a hoarding situation. We realize this is a difficult situation, but there is no shame involved. We’ll work with you and the individual to create a cleaning and decluttering plan that is easy to maintain, but no items will be removed without the person’s permission.

carpet-cleaning-Derry, NHCarpet Cleaning Services – Derry, NH

Carpets take a great deal of wear and tear on a daily basis, and they don’t usually receive attention until there’s trouble. Shoes track in dirt, mud, and debris that gets ground deep down into the carpet and wears down the fibers. Vacuuming only gets a portion of this and more debris gets layered on every day, causing the carpet to look dingy. Spills, stains, and pet accidents take their toll on the fibers and carpet pad, aging them prematurely. RestorationMaster can remove dirt from deep down in the carpeting as well as eliminate odors and stains, even ones you thought were permanent. We’ll make sure the carpets in your home or business in Derry, NH look and smell great at all times with regularly scheduled cleanings.


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