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Mold Removal Services for Summerville and Goose Creek, SC


Mold growth is one of the most unwelcome sights in a home or building because it can lead to significant damage and health issues and it is difficult to remove.  Mold will not form without a source of moisture and it is very damaging to your property because the affected surfaces act as its food source.  In addition to property damage, mold growth also causes negative health effects as those exposed to mold may experience various allergic reactions or breathing issues from extensive exposure.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Summerville and Goose Creek, SC to clean up the mold growth in homes and businesses.  Our technicians will prevent the mold from spreading to new areas in your home and we use the highly accurate InstaScope testing system to ensure that all hidden mold is located and removed.

Mold Removal Services – Summerville and Goose Creek, SCOnce the mold spores find an environment that provides them with a source of moisture, they begin to form into mold growth and attach themselves to drywall, wood, and other surfaces that contain the organic material cellulose.  As the mold gradually eats away at these surfaces, they will become discolored and weakened and eventually sustain serious structural damage that can be devastating to a home or building.  Health issues are another concern with mold growth as those who are exposed may experience skin irritation, coughing, nasal congestion and other allergic reactions.  Addressing the mold issue immediately is important not only for preventing further property damage, but also for avoiding more serious health effects that develop with prolonged exposure.

RestorationMaster provides quality mold removal services using cleaning products that effectively remove mold as well as the Instascope testing system to find hidden mold.  Hidden mold is dangerous because it can cause irreversible damage in your home before you realize it is a problem.  We carry out the InstaScope testing with the following three steps to make sure we find all hidden mold:

  • Baseline Measurement: The air is tested outside the home or building to determine the natural concentration of mold spores and use it as a baseline measurement.
  • Comparative Testing: We then test each room to identify areas with elevated mold levels by comparing the results with the baseline measurement.
  • Confirmation: After completing the mold removal, we test the home or building one final time to make sure the natural mold levels are back to normal.

The presence of mold is dangerous because it causes devastating property damage, negative health effects, and it may be a sign of hidden mold growth.  You cannot hesitate to react to mold growth because giving it more time to spread will result in worse property damage and increase the risk for negative health effects.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster are ready to provide professional mold removal in Summerville and Goose Creek, SC.  You can call us any time at (888) 915-8868 for emergency mold removal.