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Mold Remediation Services in Schaumburg, IL

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Mold is a fairly common problem because it often occurs due to water damage or elevated moisture levels and it must be removed quickly to prevent it from spreading or causing negative health reactions.  Mold can cause significant damage to the surfaces it grows on because it uses cellulose, an organic material found in wood and drywall, as a food source, and it will continue to disperse its spores which is what spreads the growth and triggers health issues.  ProTech Restoration provides mold remediation services in Schaumburg, IL to remove mold growth from homes and businesses.  We will fully assess the mold growth in your home or building and create a remediation plan based on the assessment and industry protocols.

Mold Remediation and Removal Services by ProTech Restoration

Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold is a fungus that can start growing virtually any time because mold spores are a constant presence in the natural environment.  Once the spores find favorable conditions which include a moisture source and food source, it will form into mold growth.  Mold will eventually destroy the affected surfaces because it feeds on the material and it can also cause a musty odor to permeate your home or building.  The possible health effects of mold should also be a major concern because exposure to mold can cause allergic reactions as well as more serious respiratory issues.  The following are some important characteristics to remember about mold:

  • Mold needs an organic food source to grow. It usually uses cellulose which is an organic substance in wood and drywall.
  • Mold needs oxygen and will not grow in areas submerged in water.
  • Mold needs a moisture source, controlling the moisture level in your home is the best way to prevent mold.
  • Mold colonies release spores that can spread the growth to other areas and cause health problems.

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The mold remediation services we provide include the following steps:

  • Identification of the Source: We will look for the source of the mold growth during our initial inspection and correct it if found. An industrial hygienist may be needed to do the initial inspection if we cannot determine the source of the mold.
  • Determining the Extent: Once the source is discovered, we need to uncover the extent of the mold growth to make sure it is completely removed. This step may involve moisture meters, air testing, and other similar methods.
  • Containment: We use a combination of plastic sheets, negative air machines, and HEPA filtration to keep the mold growth contained and prevent the spores from spreading the contamination to new areas.
  • Removal: We will decontaminate or remove affected surfaces and materials.
  • Decontamination: We can effectively decontaminate non-porous building materials with anti-microbial applications, HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, and sanding.
  • Final Testing: We will test the home or building after completing the remediation to ensure that the mold levels are back to a safe level. This step can usually be done more effectively by a certified industrial hygienist.

Certified Mold Remediation Services by ProTech Restoration

Contact Us for Mold Remediation for Schaumburg, IL

Mold growth can quickly cause extensive damage and increase the risks of negative health reactions so do not hesitate to call ProTech Restoration if you discover mold in your home or building in Schaumburg, IL.  We can properly test for and remove mold and we keep it contained to the already affected area as we work.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (847) 558-7765 for mold remediation in Schaumburg, IL, and the surrounding area.

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Mold Damage Restoration Tips and Information

How do I get rid of mold growth in my house’s old underground basement?

The basement is commonly dark. humid, and less organized. Therefore, it is a perfect environment for mold to develop.  If you spot mold growth in your basement, follow these pieces of advice. If it is a small area, you can try to clean the mold yourself using a brush and mix cleaning liquid. However, if mold was not removed to the root but only got cleaned on the surface, it may come back and spread at a more extensive level. It is best to contact an experienced mold remediation company like ProTech Restoration.  We have the equipment and expertise to completely remove mold from your property and protect your family from dangerous exposure and mold-related health risks.

Mold Removal and Money Saving Tips

Mold Removal is not a small expense. However, it is not the best decision if you decide to take a huge mold problem into your own hands. It would actually save you more money to contact a mold removal professional, and communicate with them to get assistance on insurance claims if it is a water damage-related mold issue. If your insurance does not cover the cost or if you don’t have homeowner insurance, ProTech Restoration offers a no-interest financing plan that you can have mold cleaned up right away to mitigate the mold exposure health effect and complete your payment with installment. The article gives you insight into price ranges for different mold removal situations. Doing research and educating yourself to make sure that your investment is reasonable and worthwhile are the best money-saving tips when it comes to mold removal and remediation.

Toxic Mold in the Rental House: Landlord Responsibilities

Tenants often face a challenging situation when it comes to mold, mainly because mold growth frequently stems from maintenance problems that fall under the purview of the landlord’s responsibilities. Here are the scenarios when the landlord must be responsible for mold growth and remediation costs.

  • Mold from poor construction
  • Mold caused by prolonged leaks
  • Mold due to excessive humidity or poor ventilation
  • Mold inside the HVAC systems

Mold Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I Find Mold In My Attic?

  1. Safety Gear: Prioritize your safety by wearing protective gear, including a mask, gloves, and goggles, to protect yourself from mold spores.
  2. Empty Attic: Remove all belongings and clutter from the attic to create a clear workspace for mold removal.
  3. Seal the Openings: Seal any openings or cracks in the attic, such as windows or vents, to prevent moisture and mold from returning.
  4. Natural Ingredients: Use eco-friendly and natural cleaning solutions to effectively eliminate mold, reducing the environmental impact.
  5. Scrub it Off: Gently scrub the affected areas to remove mold, using a combination of natural cleaning solutions.
  6. Contact a mold remediation expert like ProTech Restoration for professional and effective mold removal.

What Should I Do If I Find Mold In My Bathroom?

It is highly common for mold to grow in the bathroom. The water stream is trapped in the ceiling and wall after each shower increasing the moisture level and leading to mold growth and infestation. You can spray natural cleaning mix on the damaged surface, let it soak for half an hour, scrub it with a brush, and repeat the cycle until the dark mold is seemingly gone. However, if the extent of mold growth is more than what you can manage, it is best to call ProTech Restoration mold remediation technicians to completely remove mold from your house’s structure and return your property to its original safety condition.

What Should I Do If I Find Mold In My Crawl Space?

Crawl space is a challenging area to clean mold by yourself because the visibility is limited and it involves potential physical danger. We would recommend contacting a trusted mold damage restoration professional like ProTech Restoration to remove mold from the crawl space. We have the tools and knowledge to navigate, identify, and clean up mold in every size and type of crawl space.

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Review by Amy Jachna

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Had a great experience working with Marshall when we had an emergency leak at my mom’s house. He immediately started working to salvage what we could. I felt like he absolutely understood the urgency, and treated my mom like his own! He and the rest of the team were super easy to work with and answered our (many) questions along the way. They were very transparent about the process which was extremely helpful as this was our first time with this kind of issue in 30+ years of owning the house. We so appreciate ProTech for aiding us during our time of need."

Review by Lynn Gibson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"My experience with ProTech was wonderful from the first visit thru the last. Ben did a great job of evaluating the work that needed to be done and explaining everything to me. Frank and Sergio were great to work with because they were pleasant AND they were so very careful about everything they did. All in all, I give the ProTech team an A+!"

Review by Kelsey Swyter

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I had a pipe burst and subsequent leakage into my basement. At first I thought that we maybe stopped it in time since we could not see obvious damage but Marshall at ProTech said it would be a good idea to check it out anyway and came out within a couple of days. I’m so glad he did since there was more damage than we anticipated. Marshall explained the damage thoroughly using his imaging techniques and provided a quote within the day. Pricing was good and our insurance accepted the proposal immediately. The ProTech team was able to do the water damage mitigation about a week after the incident and on a Saturday no less. Everything was done super quickly and professionally. While I do not want to deal with any more water damage, the repairs using ProTech were painless. I would recommend this company and especially Marshall to anyone in the same situation."

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