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Smoke Removal in Orland Park, IL

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While fire is widely known to cause significant levels of property damage, not as many people are aware of the harm that excess smoke and soot can result in. These elements can continue to cause damage long after the initial event. They are also capable of causing problems during controlled events, such as fireplace fires or the lighting of candles.

At Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, we address all smoke and/or soot damage through our smoke and soot removal services in Orland Park, IL. We also restore areas affected by similarly corrosive elements, and lingering odors.

The technicians of Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration are highly trained and equipped to provide effective cleanup of smoke and soot and they have each gone through a background check for your safety and security.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration by Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration,


Smoke Damage

While smoke and soot are not typically associated with permanent damage, they should be. Both have the ability to spread throughout your building and harm materials with their acidic and corrosive properties. They can cause etching and discoloration and leave behind unpleasant odors. In many cases, affected materials can become permanently damaged within 72 hours if they are not properly treated.

Restoring Your Building and Belongings

When smoke and soot threaten your building and its contents, we encourage you to take advantage of our smoke and soot removal services. As a leading disaster restoration and cleaning services provider, we respond to a variety of property-damaging events. This includes devastating fires on both large and small scales. We make use of appropriate cleaning solutions and restoration methodologies to effectively repair damaged areas and items.

Odor Removal

Smoke is notorious for leaving behind unpleasant odors when it is allowed to sit for a period of time. This is because it gets absorbed by porous materials, such as wood, drywall, fabrics, and more. By utilizing advanced deodorization technologies and methodologies, we can extract these odors, and prevent them from returning in the future. By tackling odors at the source, we ensure that you are not left with any surprises once we finish our work.

A Timely Response is Key

We remain available 24/7 in order to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. Because of the speed with which permanent damage can take place, this is critically important. It gives your building and belongings the greatest odds of being fully salvaged and sanitized.

In situations involving soot or smoke damage, you may be unsure if you should file a claim with your insurance provider. Our technicians can advise you on the best course of action regarding your claim once we have fully assessed the damage. We also provide direct billing to bill your insurance carrier if you do file a claim.

Fire Damage Restoration - HydroForce Cleaning & Restoration


Contact Us for Smoke Removal in Orland Park, IL

If you have any questions or concerns about our smoke and soot removal services, or would like to utilize our emergency-response capabilities, we encourage you to contact our representatives at (630) 528-2865. We will also help keep out of pocket costs low with our price match guarantee that applies to non-covered claims.  We will match or beat estimates from other professionals that adhere to the IICRC’s standard of care.

At Hydroforce Cleaning and Restoration, we understand that disasters can occur at any time of day. We remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide emergency services in Orland Park, IL.

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Review by Carlos Casanova
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"This company goes the extra mile in helping customers in difficult circumstances. When my home basement had flooding problems, Hydroforce responded quickly and worked with me on financial constraints. I certainly recommend this company for honest and accurate work done well."

Review by Daniel Joseph Izaguirre
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Great company to do buisness with i recommmend hydroforce"

Review by Jessica Carroll
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Joe responded so quickly and provide a quick turnaround time with our water damage. His team was great, provided great service, and explained everything that needed to be done. Highly recommended!"

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