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Smoke and Soot Damage Removal for Tinley Park, IL

Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs

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When a fire occurs, the flames are not always responsible for most of the damage.  The heat from the fire creates corrosive byproducts such as smoke, soot, and residue that can cause significant property damage, even after the fire is out.  Smoke and soot damage can also occur without a fire as cooking and candles can give off enough smoke to cause property damage.  Regardless of the source of the smoke and soot, it is important to address this damage right away because the corrosion and tarnishing they cause can quickly become permanent.  Smoke can also cause foul, lingering odors to spread throughout your property.

At Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs, we provide soot and smoke damage removal in Tinley Park, IL to remove smoke odors and restore the damage from soot and other byproducts.  We can restore a variety of household surfaces and objects affected by soot with powerful cleaning products and we also use advanced deodorization techniques to eliminate smoke odors.  Our technicians are highly trained to provide effective smoke damage restoration services and they have each passed an extensive background check.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and Soot Damage Removal for Tinley Park, ILWhat many people do not realize is that the smoke and soot created by a fire often cause more damage than the fire itself.  This is because smoke and soot always outlast the fire and continue to spread to new areas and settle on objects and materials that the fire itself did not reach.  Soot and oily residue are corrosive and can cause tarnishing and etching to the affected surfaces and materials.  If the damage from soot and residue is not restored quickly enough, the affected materials can become permanently damaged.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning products to restore virtually any objects and materials damaged by smoke and soot.  You must react quickly because this type of damage can become permanent in just 72 hours.

If you are not sure if you should involve your insurance company for smoke and soot damage, we can help advise you based on the extent of the damage compared to your deductible.  If you decide to file an insurance claim, we can bill your insurance provider directly with our direct billing services.

Smoke Odor Removal

The odor that smoke leaves behind is difficult to get rid of because it gets absorbed in porous materials like wood, drywall, carpeting, and furnishings.  To effectively remove the odor, the particles must be extracted from the affected materials.  We use advanced deodorization methods and equipment to remove odor particles from the affected materials and air spaces.  Our deodorization process will ensure that the odor is completely removed and that it will not return.

It is important to understand the damage that smoke and soot can cause in your home or building so that you take the appropriate action before the damage becomes more extensive or permanent.  Our technicians at Rainbow International Restoration of South & West Suburbs can reverse the effects of soot and residue and completely eliminate lingering smoke odors.  We can also keep your costs reasonable with our price match guarantee in which we will match or beat any estimate from a professional that works within IICRC standards.  Give us a call at (708) 571-2550 for smoke and soot damage removal in Tinley Park, IL.

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