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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Darien, IL


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RestorationMaster is a trusted disaster restoration and cleaning service provider that serves the homes and businesses of Darien, IL and the surrounding areas.  When a natural disaster occurs, our 24/7 response will help limit the damage to your property and make the restoration process quicker.  Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle any disaster and we are committed to getting your property restored to its previous state.

The following are the disaster restoration and cleaning services we provide:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Biohazard cleaning

At RestorationMaster, our technicians are IICRC certified, and they use advanced equipment and restoration methods to ensure effective results.  Whether your property needs cleaning and restoration or construction work after a disaster, we can handle every step of the process.  Our work also comes with a lifetime guarantee free of charge to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

RestorationMaster is available 24 hours a day at (630) 656-9915 for emergency disaster restoration in Darien, IL.

Water Damage Restoration – Darien, IL

It is difficult to completely escape water damage because even if it doesn’t happen due to weather conditions like rain and flooding, it can be caused by problems inside the property like plumbing issues, leaks, burst pipes, and sewage backups.  Water damage should be treated as an emergency because it quickly spreads through porous materials and weakens building materials like wood and drywall which can lead to structural damage.  The risk of mold growth is also high in areas affected by water damage.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services in Darien, IL to remove excess water and moisture from homes and buildings.  Our technicians use advanced extraction and drying equipment to remove water and we will restore the affected areas.

Fire Damage Restoration – Darien, IL

Fires are devastating disasters that can happen quickly and cause immense damage while putting you in danger.  The first thing you should do in case of a fire is evacuate the building and call the fire department to put out the fire.  While having the fire extinguished is a relief, the damage on your property will continue even after the fire is out.  Fires leave behind corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot that will settle throughout the property and damage the affected surfaces and objects.  This is why it is important to call for fire damage restoration immediately after the fire is out.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration in Darien, IL to help homes and businesses that have been affected by a fire.  Our technicians can repair structural damage, cleanup damage from smoke and soot, and remove residual odors.

Mold Remediation – Darien, IL

Mold growth is a serious issue when it appears indoors because it can lead to major damage and cause health problems for those who are exposed.  Mold can appear in areas of homes and buildings that provide mold spores with moisture and an organic food source such as cellulose which is found in most building materials like wood and drywall.  If mold growth is not removed, it can spread and cause serious structural damage and the risk of related health effects will increase.  At RestorationMaster, we provide mold remediation services to help homes and businesses in Darien, IL.  Our technicians will remove all mold growth and permanently damaged materials and restore the resulting damage.

Sewage Cleaning – Darien, IL

The presence of sewage within a home or building is extremely dangerous because it could lead to major damage and put your health at risk.  Sewage most commonly becomes a problem indoors when a building is flooded by contaminated water or if a sewage backup occurs.  Building materials and furnishings affected by sewage are likely to become permanently damaged because these materials absorb the waste along with the water.  It is important to call a professional immediately to remove the sewage and help protect your health and your property.  At RestorationMaster, we provide complete sewage cleaning services for homes and businesses in Darien, IL.  Our technicians will not only remove dangerous sewage water and disinfect the affected areas, but also repair your sewer line if a sewage backup occurred.

Biohazard Cleaning – Darien, IL

You may not realize it, but your home or building is more likely to become affected by biohazard materials like sewage, mold, blood, and other bodily fluids than you think.  If a traumatic event such as a violent crime or accident occurs on your property and there are biohazard materials like blood present, you need to call the proper authorities as well as a professional who can safely remove biohazard materials.  These materials contain pathogens that can spread infection and disease which is why you should never clean biohazard materials yourself.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleaning services in Darien, IL to safely clean and restore properties affected by biohazard materials. We use powerful cleaning products and disinfectants to remove all dangerous biohazard materials and restore the affected area to a safe condition.

Available 24/7 for Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Darien, IL

For any of the restoration or cleaning services listed above in the Darien, IL area, contact RestorationMaster at (630) 656-9915.

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