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Cleaning and Restoration Services – Glenview IL

ServiceMaster of Glenview Golf

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ServiceMaster of Glenview Golf is one of the largest ServiceMaster franchises in the U.S.  Servicing the North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago, here at ServiceMaster DAK, we have decades of experience.  Started in 1975, owners Dean and Eileen Knox established their franchise by providing expert restoration services by professional technicians. At ServiceMaster of Glenview Golf we meet the stringent demands of the ServiceMaster brand and pride ourselves in being a leader in service and quality.

Disaster Restoration

ServiceMaster of Glenview Golf is recognized as a leader in ServiceMaster Clean brands because of our expertise in commercial and residential restoration cleaning.  Our affiliations include, Indoor Air Quality Association, CMR, ORV, EPA and IICRC.

In response to the Covid-19 situation, ServiceMaster DAK Enterprises provides professional Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in the North and Northwest Suburbs and all of Lake County.

At ServiceMaster of Glenview Golf we remain committed to the pursuit of excellence, providing state of the art technology, equipment and trained, certified staff when addressing any of your cleaning or restoration needs.  “Please don’t be confused, we’re the ones you’ve always used.”

Water Damage Restoration in Glenview, ILWater Damage Restoration – Glenview, IL

There are so many ways that excess water can get into your home from weather conditions such as rain, flooding, and humidity to plumbing problems, leaks, and burst pipes.  Water damage that starts out minor can quickly become a bigger problem as absorbent building materials such as wood and drywall allow it to spread and increase the risk of structural damage and mold growth.  ServiceMaster DAK provides water damage restoration services to remove excess water from homes and buildings in Glenview, IL.  We use state-of-the-art drying equipment that can effectively remove excess water and moisture and we can also restore the damage.

Flood Damage Restoration for Glenview, ILFlood Damage Restoration – Glenview, IL

In home flooding is one of the most feared natural disasters because it can cause widespread damage to your furnishings and personal belongings and the structural damage it causes can be quite severe.  It can be difficult to prevent flooding in your home or building because it can be caused by a number of internal and external factors and the water spreads quickly because many building materials and furnishings are porous.  ServiceMaster DAK provides flood damage restoration services in Glenview, IL to remove flood water as well as cleanup and restore the resulting damage.  We use the best water extraction and dehumidification equipment of the industry to ensure that all water and moisture is removed.

Fire Damage Restoration in Glenview, ILSmoke and Fire Cleanup – Glenview, IL

Fires are always a threat to happen in a home or building and the amount of damage they cause can be very severe and extensive.  The fire itself causes charring while the smoke, soot, and corrosive byproducts can cause tarnishing and etching beyond where the fire itself reached.  ServiceMaster DAK provides fire and smoke damage cleanup in Glenview, IL to clean up and restore homes and businesses damaged by fire.  It is important to call us as soon as the fire is put out to begin the restoration because the damage can spread and become permanent in a short amount of time.

Mold Remediation in Glenview, ILMold Remediation – Glenview, IL

One problem that can be a nightmare for homeowners and business owners is mold growth as it leads to extensive structural damage and negative health reactions such as allergies and infection.  Mold will start growing once it finds a moisture source and an organic food source and it will not stop spreading until it is removed.  ServiceMaster DAK provides mold remediation services in Glenview, IL to remove mold growth and stop the source of the moisture to prevent future growth.  We have the right testing and cleaning equipment to locate and remove all mold growth and we will repair or replace the damaged surfaces.

Carpet Cleaning in Glenview, ILCarpet Cleaning – Glenview, IL

The carpet is one of the most heavily used furnishings in a home or business yet it can be easily forgotten when it comes to providing proper maintenance.  Daily foot traffic causes dirt and debris to gather in the carpet fibers which can cause the carpet to appear dirty and this debris cannot be removed effectively with a vacuum.  ServiceMaster DAK provides carpet cleaning services to clean and restore all types of carpeting for homes and businesses in Glenview, IL.  Our advanced cleaning equipment will thoroughly remove all debris from the carpet fibers and restore its original look.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Glenview, ILTile and Grout Cleaning – Glenview, IL

There is no better option for the walls and flooring of a kitchen than tile and grout because of its moisture resistance and durability, but it is still susceptible to dirt, mildew, and stains.  As the finish on the tile becomes worn out, dirt and other debris will stick to the tile surfaces and grout lines which could seriously affect its overall appearance.  ServiceMaster DAK provides professional tile and grout cleaning services in Glenview, IL to effectively clean tile surfaces and grout lines.  Our advanced equipment can remove embedded dirt and mildew and we can also remove stains.

Hoarding Cleaning in Glenview, ILHoarder Cleaning – Glenview, IL

Many people in the U.S. are affected by hoarding and the behaviors that are caused by hoarding disorder can have serious implications as they lead to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions.  The growing hoard of accumulated items can increase the risk of a fire and harbor harmful materials such as mold and drywall while also blocking access to parts of the home.  ServiceMaster DAK provides hoarding cleaning services in Glenview, IL to clean and restore the homes of hoarders.  We will thoroughly clean and disinfect the home and we establish a sense of trust with the affected individual so that they are part of the cleaning process.

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Skokie, IL

Highland Park, IL
The men did a great job, very efficient and capable.

Lake Forest, IL
Very thorough clean up! The men were very professional and competent! They arrived on time for 5 days and were very pleasant and respectful of my home always wearing "booties" when entering. The room was left immaculate and debris removed in plastic bags day 1. The fans were checked daily until the room was dry. Very good service! Recommending Brian Brown and Gabriel who did a great job!