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Hoarding Cleaning in Downers Grove, IL

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Hoarding is a difficult problem to deal with because of the mess it creates in a home and because of the mental state of the hoarder.

Cluttered Storage RoomHoarding is classified as a mental disorder as those affected allow clutter to build up in their homes because anxiety or depression prevents them from parting with anything.

As a result, all types of objects from newspapers, food containers, and knickknacks to furniture and appliances build up within the home, creating a very dangerous situation.

Piles of clutter can block pathways and exits in the home and increase the risk of injuries, fires, and the buildup up of harmful materials like bacteria and mold.

When dealing with a hoarder, you cannot just enter the home and begin the cleaning.  You have to first reach out to the hoarder and help them understand that their home needs to be cleaned.  Once they agree to the cleaning, you can call a professional to help.

RestorationMaster provides complete hoarding cleaning services for those affected in Downers Grove, IL and throughout DuPage County.  Our technicians can thoroughly clean out and sanitize homes affected by hoarding, and we make sure the affected individual is involved with every decision made.

Each of our experienced technicians has passed our background check and they understand how to approach a hoarder with dignity and respect.

Approaching a Hoarder

Most people who are affected by hoarding are either too embarrassed to seek help on their own or are unaware of the problem their hoarding habits have created.  It is very important for a friend or family member who the individual trusts to reach out to them and talk to them about the situation they have created.

Helping them understand the danger of their living conditions is the most effective way to help a hoarder realize that they need help. Only when the affected individual agrees to clean out their home should you start the process and call our professionals.

Our technicians are fully prepared to deal with any scale of hoarding within the home, and with the affected individual.  We will connect to the individual on a personal level and earn their trust before continuing with our evaluation of the home.

Once we have completed our evaluation, we will work with the affected individual to form a cleaning plan and include them in the decision of what to do with the items in their home.  Once the hoarded items are removed, we will thoroughly clean and sanitize the home to return it to safe living conditions.

Hoarder's houseYou can expect the following from our hoarding cleaning services:

  • We will remove hoarded items from the home and work with the affected individual to decide what should be kept, recycled, donated, or thrown away
  • Damaged items that are kept are cleaned and restored
  • The home is cleaned and disinfected after the hoarded items are removed
  • We can deliver unwanted items to family, friends, and charitable organizations
  • We can assist with any necessary paper work involving trusts

There are certain situations involving hoarding where it helps to get homeowner’s insurance involved.  If you are not sure if you should involve your insurance provider, our technicians can help you decide whether you should file a claim.  Should you choose to file a claim, we can bill your insurance provider directly for the claim.

Call for Help

If someone you know is affected by hoarding in the Downers Grove, IL area, reach out to them to offer your assistance and call RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleaning services.

Our professional technicians have the tools and experience to fully restore homes affected by hoarding, and we also approach hoarders with a sense of dignity and respect.  You can reach us at(708) 571-2550 for more about our hoarding cleaning services.

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