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Hoarding Cleanup in Hastings, NE 68901

(308) 223-3303

While nobody likes to be labeled as a “hoarder,” the anxiety they are battling to part with their personal items can become overwhelming as their items continue to accumulate in their home over time. But when these piles grow, unsafe conditions will develop, such as mold growth, biohazard, and fire hazards. But many affected individuals become immune to their living condition, thus, they will need a trusted family member or friend to reach out for help.


After reaching out to them and discussing their situation, don’t hesitate to call RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleanup services in the Hastings, NE. Our technicians are both trained and experienced when working in these environment, first developing a relationship with the individual and then proceeding to the cleanup process. Within a timely manner, you can trust that the property will be restored to a safe and healthy living condition.

Dangers Posed to Individuals Affected by Hoarding

When working with an individual affected by hoarding, consider putting yourself in their shoes, dealing with a powerful anxiety in addition to dealing with the pressure of cleaning your home. It’s a difficult situation to handle, which is why they will need your help to pull them out of the mess. When reaching out to them, explain to them that their current situation is unsafe, that there are fire hazards, slip-and-trip hazards, and even biohazards that threaten their health and safety.

After they have understood that their living condition must be addressed, don’t hesitate to call RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleanup. Our technicians will respond right away and develop a relationship with the individual, ensuring them that they can trust our experts to restore safe conditions. We will then begin removing unwanted items with their approval, followed by removing mold, bacteria, biohazards, odors, etc. Finally we will work with their insurance company to ensure a seamless claims process.

All of the following services are included within our hoarding cleanup services:

  • Working with compassion and respect: Our experts are trained to work with compassion and respect with the affected individual, putting them in charge of the cleanup process.
  • Removing unwanted personal belongings: We will sort out each item and separate them according to our suggestion of having them removed or kept. We will not remove anything without their approval.
  • Disinfection: After all unnecessary items have been removed, the property will be decontaminated of all mold, biohazards, and odors to restore safe and healthy living conditions.
  • Working with insurance: RestorationMaster will work with their insurance company, if they have chosen to file a claim, to ensure a seamless process.
  • Review: We will monitor the condition of the home to ensure the individual is safe and can also schedule additional cleanings, if needed.

Hoarding Cleanup Hastings, NE

Unfortunately for many Americans, hoarding is a growing problem that affects everyone living in the household. But they must be treated with patience and understanding in order to restore a clean and healthy living condition. As soon as you have reached out to them and discussed their situation, contact a professional cleaning service right away.

Free Estimate

RestorationMaster is available at (308) 223-3303 in the Hastings, NE area to provide professional hoarding cleanup services.

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