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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Lincoln, NE 68516

(402) 413-8966

The mental disorder of hoarding has grown to be a significant challenge for many Americans today. But those who are affected feel individualized and become embarrassed by their situation; therefore, they are hesitant to reach out for help. They will need the help of a trusted individual as their living situation can threaten their safety, posing fire, slip-and-trip hazards, and biohazards.

After speaking to them about a professional cleanup service, contact ServiceMaster of Lancaster County for professional hoarding cleanup services in the Lincoln, NE area. Our technicians have years of experience and take a compassionate approach to the cleanup job. Working with patience and respect, we will put the individual in charge while removing all unnecessary items and disinfecting the home with their approval.

Risks Associated with HoardingServiceMaster-Hoarding-Cleaning-in-Lincoln-NE

Struggling with a hoarding disorder will result in more than just a messy house; the affected individual is battling an overpowering anxiety that disallows them to part with personal belongings. Items like books, magazines, antiques, collectibles, trash, and even animals will accumulate and create unsafe conditions for the individual. Threats to personal safety include items blocking emergency exits, animals leaving biohazards on household surfaces, and larger items blocking walkways.

If you are working with an individual affected by hoarding, talk to them right away about their situation. It may be difficult to persuade them to hire a cleaning service, but it must be done for their own safety. After getting their approval, contact ServiceMaster of Lancaster County right away for hoarding cleanup.

Hoarding Cleanup Lincoln NE

After reaching out to our technicians, we will first come out to conduct the initial inspection and provide a free estimate. After your approval, we will begin working with the affected individual, developing a relationship with them to ensure that they are comfortable working with us.

We will then place them in charge of the cleanup process, not removing any items without getting their approval first. We will then disinfect the home of all biohazards, mold, and other dirt and stains to restore safe and healthy living conditions. We will also remove  odors to remove all traces of the mess.

All of the following procedures are included within our hoarding cleanup services:Service-Master-Restoration-Hoarding-Cleaning-Services-Lincoln-NE

  • Working with respect and compassion: Our technicians are both trained and experienced when working with affected individuals. We will put them in charge of the cleanup process to ensure that all unnecessary items are disposed of properly with their approval.
  • Removal of unnecessary items: Our technicians will begin to sort out the unwanted items, separating each by value and suggesting which should be removed. We will dispose of all unwanted items into a large trash container.
  • Decontamination: The property will be thoroughly sanitized and removed of all mold, bacteria, and biohazards to restore a safe and healthy living condition.
  • Odor removal: ServiceMaster of Lancaster County will also take care of any odors left behind from biohazards, mold, and cigarette smoke, if present.
  • Working with insurance: Our technicians will work with the individual’s insurance company to ensure a seamless claims process.
  • Review: We will schedule checkup appointments to ensure the property stays clean. We can also schedule additional cleanings if necessary.

Hoarder Cleaning Services

When working with an individual affected by hoarding, the cleanup process involves more than just removing the items and cleaning the house. The process requires working with the individual and making them feel comfortable throughout the cleanup process. They must be treated with compassion and respect to ensure a successful cleanup.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

ServiceMaster of Lancaster County provides professional hoarding cleanup services in the Lincoln, NE and is available at (402) 413-8966. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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Recent Reviews

Omaha, NE
We were impressed from the beginning. The quick response on a weekend was appreciated and Jesus and Grant went above and beyond from start to finish. Jesus' communication was like none I've ever experienced. They were clean, informative, professional and efficient. I called ServiceMaster because my parents used them 20 years ago and had a great experience. I will recommend ServiceMaster whenever I can.

Bellevue, NE
Great company, very polite staff!

The guys were super nice, professional and efficient. West booties next time! Highly recommend.