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Flood Restoration in Hastings, NE

Water damage is a serious problem when it happens in your home or building, especially if the damage is caused by flooding.  Standing water may end up on your property due to natural flooding in your area, sewage backups, and malfunctions like a burst pipe or appliance leak.  Regardless of how the water got there, you need to have it removed immediately because it can cause serious damage and make your property vulnerable to mold or mildew.

At RestorationMaster, we provide flood damage restoration services to remove flood water from homes and buildings in Hastings, NE.  Using advanced water extraction and drying equipment, our technicians will ensure that all standing water is removed and that the affected areas are completely dried and restored.  We are also prepared to deal with flood water that may be contaminated by sewage or other materials.

Flood Cleanup Hastings, NE

For emergency flood cleanup services in Hastings, NE and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster of Sarpy County at (308) 223-3303.

Indoor Flooding

Water damage is already dangerous because of how it can spread through porous materials and create conditions for mold growth.  With standing water, the damage is much more extensive as it covers more ground and gets absorbed into the surrounding materials much faster.  Building materials like woodwork, drywall, flooring, subflooring, and various furnishings will become warped and rotted very quickly if the water is not removed.  There is also a good chance that any personal belongings affected could sustain serious or even permanent damage.

As porous building materials absorb flood water, they may become rotted or weakened which is dangerous for their structural integrity.  Wood flooring and subflooring can also become ruined as it can warp and buckle from the flood water.

In addition to the potential for structural damage, you must watch out for the following when dealing with indoor flooding:

  • Contaminated water: Flood water is likely to be contaminated by sewage or other dangerous microorganisms that can be found in dirty water from plumbing fixtures or appliances. If you suspect that the water is contaminated, make sure you stay at a safe distance.
  • Mold growth: Mold grows best in areas affected by moisture and indoor flooding makes your entire home vulnerable. Even materials not directly affected by the flooding may be moist from the presence of the water which puts them at risk.

Flood Restoration Hastings, NE

Our professionals at RestorationMaster can completely remove flood water from your property and clean up and restore the affected areas.  Our water extraction equipment can handle the removal of any amount of flooding and our advanced dehumidification equipment will help ensure that the affected areas and materials are dried.

Once the flood water is removed and the drying is underway, our technicians can address the resulting damage.  We can clean, restore, and disinfect damaged building materials and furnishings and remove materials that are permanently damaged.  We can also remove lingering odors using proven deodorization methods.

Make sure you contact RestorationMaster immediately if your home or business in Hastings, NE is affected by flooding.  Our technicians will respond as soon as possible to remove the flood water and help limit the damage. We will also provide mold removal services, if needed.

Emergency Response

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (308) 223-3303 for flood cleanup in Hastings, NE and the surrounding area.

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