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Flood Restoration in Grand Island, NE 68801

ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities

(308) 210-2595

If you find water damage in your home or business, you need to get help immediately. The water source must be addressed, and the standing water has to be removed. With our flood damage cleanup services, ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities can help clean and restore your property in Grand Island, NE. We will thoroughly dry and restore areas affected by flooding.

Flood Cleanup Grand Island, NE

For emergency flood damage restoration services in Grand Island, NE, contact ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities at (308) 210-2595.

Indoor FloodingFlood-Extraction-ServiceMaster

Water of any amount can cause property damage, but floods are especially concerning due to the degree of damage. Not only can indoor flooding leave floors, walls, and ceilings in an unstable condition, but it can also destroy the building’s structure. Permanent damage can occur to any affected personal belongings and valuables. Porous materials, such as the following, are particularly vulnerable to damage:

  • Most furnishings
  • Insulation
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Wood

Porous materials allow them to absorb water easily, resulting in corrosion, discoloration, and buckling.

Indoor flooding can also result in other problems, including mold growth and contaminated water.

  • Mold Growth: Areas with excess moisture are prone to mold growth because mold thrives in moist environments. Indoor flooding provides just that. When mold grows, it can cause additional damage to your property’s structure and health concerns for those exposed to it. We will provide mold removal services to ensure your property is fully restored.
  • Contaminated Water: When water has sewage or harmful bacteria, it becomes contaminated water. Indoor flooding can sometimes involve such water, but it needs to be handled correctly. If contaminated water is handled incorrectly, it can cause infections and diseases.

Restoring Your Property from Flood Damage

The technicians we employ at ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities will remove standing water and excess moisture, fix the problem’s source, and conduct restoration work on the damaged materials. We also provide sanitization and deodorization. Our work is performed using time-tested procedures and professional-grade equipment. We provide these services on a 24/7 basis and will immediately respond to your call for help. By doing this, we are able to minimize the amount of damage and quicken the recovery process. If your situation involves contaminated water, our technicians are certified to handle that. We can also provide mold removal services if needed.

Contact Us

We can be contacted on a 24/7 basis and will promptly arrive to your home or business. Our technicians will develop a restoration plan and clean and restore your property to its previous condition.

Call (308) 210-2595 right away to reach ServiceMaster Restoration of Tri-Cities for our flood damage cleanup services in Grand Island, NE.

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Omaha, NE
We were impressed from the beginning. The quick response on a weekend was appreciated and Jesus and Grant went above and beyond from start to finish. Jesus' communication was like none I've ever experienced. They were clean, informative, professional and efficient. I called ServiceMaster because my parents used them 20 years ago and had a great experience. I will recommend ServiceMaster whenever I can.

Bellevue, NE
Great company, very polite staff!

The guys were super nice, professional and efficient. West booties next time! Highly recommend.