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how much are your hoarding cleaning services

12. November 2019

The cost of hoarding cleaning services widely depends on the specific situation.  There are several factors that affect how much these services can cost.

The most basic hoarding cleaning services that involve removing items and trash from the home are the least expensive because they take less time.  The cleaning professionals will need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow OSHA guidelines, and this can cost around $35 an hour per employee.  You will also have to pay disposal fees and a fee for the trash container which can range from $175 to $450 depending on the size of the container.

If the home affected by hoarding contains hazardous or biohazard materials, the cost of cleaning will increase significantly.  Biohazard materials are biological materials that can spread disease or infection and hazardous materials are any materials that present a danger to people or the environment.  These materials must be removed by specialists who are highly trained and have the proper equipment to neutralize these threats safely.  It may cost $200 to $400 an hour per employee if there are biohazard materials that need to be removed and replaced.

Once all hoarded items and biohazard materials are removed, the home will have to be thoroughly cleaned and this comes with its own cost.  Depending on the severity of the home’s condition, it can cost $0.75 to $2 per square foot to clean and disinfect the home.

The other thing you need to consider is the time it will take to complete the cleaning.  When hoarding cleaning services are done, these professionals work with the affected individual as items can only be removed from the home with their approval.  However, this can make the cleanup process more time consuming as those affected by hoarding are generally overwhelmed by the whole process and may have trouble making concrete decisions about what to remove from the home.  This will prolong the process and thus increase costs.

These are the main factors that will determine the cost of a hoarding cleaning service.  You should contact a professional and have them visit the home of the affected individual so they can give you an estimate.  Some services may provide the estimate for free.

My wife wants our attic checked for mold. Is that a service that your company would do?

from Luke Hermann 12. November 2019

Depending on the state you live in, you likely need to hire a professional that only provides mold testing to test your home.  Most states consider it a conflict of interest for a mold remediation professional to provide testing, so a third party must test your home first.  If you contact a mold remediation professional, they can recommend a professional in your area that provides testing.  However, you will have to pay a fee for a mold test, regardless of whether they find mold in your attic or not.

I had sewar backup in my basement bathroom, toilet and shower over the weekend, it damaged my floor, carpet. The plumber will come today and the smell of mildew is escalating to my 2nd level. I don’t know what damage my appliances washer, dryer and refrigerator has, odor has seeped into my basement furniture as well. Today me and my young daughter have diarrhea and my breathing is bad since I have asthma. What can I do, I need help.

12. November 2019

The first thing you need to do is leave your home immediately.  If you and your family members are getting sick, you should find friends or family to stay with until the situation at your home is figured out.

The next thing you need to do is call a water damage restoration professional.  A plumber can fix the issue that caused the sewage backup, but they cannot repair or restore damaged materials or eliminate the smell. Water damage professionals can effectively remove sewage water, clean and restore the affected materials, and remove the odor from your home.

You must call them immediately because the odor and damage from the sewage will only get worse.  Your appliances, flooring, building materials like wood and drywall, and furnishings will continue to absorb the sewage water and all of the contaminants the water contains.  It is very possible for these materials to sustain permanent damage if they are not properly restored fast enough.  Water damage professionals will take every step they can to save the damaged materials and furnishings and if they cannot be saved, they will remove them from your home.

As for the smell, water damage restoration professionals can provide effective deodorization services to remove odors.  Foul odors linger on a property because porous materials like furniture, carpeting, wood, drywall, drapes, and others absorb odor particles which causes them to become trapped.  To remove the odor effectively, professionals use advanced deodorization techniques that extract the odor particles from the affected materials.  Covering up the odor with a nice fragrance will only mask the problem; the odor particles need to be extracted at their source.

The most important thing you should worry about in this situation is the safety of you and your family.  Make sure you find a safe place to stay while you have water damage restoration professionals deal with the damage and odors caused by the sewage.

New to San Antonio and looking for CE seminars in the area

from Tonya Carr 12. November 2019

If you are looking for disaster restoration seminars in the San Antonio, TX area, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Century.  They host CE classes for insurance claims agents and adjusters so they can become more familiar with the disaster restoration process.


12. November 2019

Before you decide to refinish the marble, there are several more cost-effective things you can try.  Since you have used steel wool and sanding to try and treat the marble, one would assume that you are trying to remove stains.

While sanding and steel wool can be used to treat stains on marble, this may not be the best option for all types of stains.  Certain types of stains, such as coffee and food stains, can be removed using a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.  Soap scum can be removed with a mixture of water and ammonia and marble poultice can be used to get rid of tough stains.  Sanding and steel wool are best used to remove etching caused by acidic foods or harsh cleaning chemicals.

Marble poultice is an absorbent powdery material that is mixed with liquid cleaners to form a paste.  The poultice can be made from several materials such as kaolin, powdered chalk, while molding plaster, whiting, talc, baking soda, and others.  These materials can be mixed with water, mineral spirits, acetone, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide.  Mix the materials until the mixture is a thick paste.

Make sure you follow these steps when using the poultice mixture on your marble surfaces:

  • Use clean water to wet the stained area
  • Use a wood or plastic spatula to spread a thin layer (1/4 to ½ inch layer) over the stain
  • Cover the poultice with plastic wrap and tape it in place
  • Let the poultice sit for 24-48 hours so it can completely dry. The liquid cleaner will draw out the stains which will be absorbed by the poultice.
  • Wipe away the dried poultice with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. Do not scrape it off or you could scratch the marble.
  • Rinse the area with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth
  • Repeat the process if the stain is still there, it may take several cycles to remove some stains

Check out our guide for removing stains from marble.  If none of these tips work for you, then you should call a professional to have it refinished.

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