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Tree Care Services in Skokie, IL

Hendricksen Tree Care

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Hendricksen Tree Care has been a leading provider of tree services including tree care and maintenance in Skokie, IL and the surrounding areas for over 50 years.  Our arborists are highly trained and ISA certified to provide effective tree care and maintenance that will keep your trees healthy and preserve their natural beauty.  We can provide complete tree care for any trees and shrubs on residential and commercial properties, including tree planting, tree fertilization, tree pruning, tree removal, and tree treatment for diseases and pests.

Our arborists will work to treat and maintain your trees and shrubs so that they remain healthy and live their full lives.  Our tree fertilization and tree trimming services will allow your trees to grow and develop and we can provide effective tree treatments if your trees are affected by pests or diseases.  If there is a problem with your trees or shrubs, our tree doctors will diagnose the problem and form a care plan to restore the health of your trees.

For comprehensive tree care and maintenance services in Skokie, IL, call Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 744-8349.  Our professional arborists will help ensure the health of your trees and shrubs on commercial and residential properties.

Tree-Planting-Services-Skokie-ILTree Planting – Skokie, IL

A new tree can make a nice addition to your property as it brings natural beauty to your yard or landscape and can even increase property values.  Planting a tree can be a fun project as you get to watch the tree grow over the years, and it can benefit your property with added shade, wind resistance, and better air quality.  While planting a tree seems like a straightforward task, there are several considerations you must make to ensure that the tree is planted in a spot that gives it the best chance to thrive.  Hendricksen Tree Care can help you with your new addition with our tree planting services in Skokie, IL.  Our arborists can recommend a tree type that will work well in your yard and plant it in an area that will provide it with the nutrients, sunlight, and space it needs to grow.

Tree-Fertilization-Services-Skokie-ILTree Fertilization – Skokie, IL

It is important for trees and shrubs to get the proper nutrients so that they can grow to their full potential and resist diseases and harmful insects.  The best way to give your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need is with fertilization.  Generally, your trees should be fertilized twice per year, in the spring and late fall, and any time they appear to be malnourished.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree fertilization services to give your trees and shrubs the proper nutrients in Skokie, IL.  Our arborists will create a fertilization schedule to ensure that your trees receive fertilizer applications when needed.

Tree-Trimming-Services-Skokie-ILTree Trimming & Pruning – Skokie, IL

One of the most important aspects of tree maintenance is tree trimming.  Individual branches can sometimes pose a problem for a tree if they are not growing properly or if they become decayed, diseased, or infested by pests.  Removing troublesome branches can help protect the health of the tree and shape the canopy so that the branches can grow properly.  Tree pruning is also necessary if branches encroach on powerlines or nearby buildings.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we provide tree trimming services to safely and effectively prune trees in Skokie, IL.  Tree pruning can be a dangerous job and our arborists are trained and equipped to do the job safely.

Tree-Removal-Services-in-Skokie-ILTree Removal – Skokie, IL

As a TCIA accredited company, we take pride in caring for trees and restoring their health when they are affected by insects or disease.  However, there are situations when a tree is too heavily damaged or diseased to save and it must be removed.  Weakened or damaged trees on your property are dangerous because tree branches can fall off or the tree can collapse which can cause major property damage or injuries.  A tree that is heavily infested or diseased can also threaten the health of surrounding trees and shrubs.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we can safely remove damaged or diseased trees in Skokie, IL.  Our professionals have the proper equipment to safely fell trees in difficult spots and remove it from your property.

Tree-Treatment-Services-Skokie-ILTree Treatment – Skokie, IL

No matter how well you take care of your trees, they can become affected by diseases and harmful insects.  Both of these issues can result in serious damage and even the death of your trees.  Tree diseases can attack trees inside and out, rotting the trunk and branches and causing defoliation.  Insects can also attack and devour the leaves and burrowing insects can slow the movement of water and nutrients within the tree, causing it to die slowly.  At Hendricksen Tree Care, we can diagnose tree diseases and pests in Skokie, IL and provide the proper treatment to restore the health of your tree.  Our experienced arborists can accurately diagnose the issue and come up with a solution based on our assessment of the situation.

Recent Reviews

Review by S. C. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again"

Review by P. F. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Our family has used Robert W. Hendrickson Tree care for numerous services. We call on this company each time we have a need for the health of our trees. Hendrickson has sucessfully diagnosed and treated all our crab, Hawthorne and apple trees so that they maintain their leaves throughout the season. Previously leaves were lost in June! Hendrickson Tree also cleared out dead and dying trees as well as removed invasive species of trees. Our most recent experience was the trimming of a giant apple tree to get it back into a pleasing shape, and a more healthy size. Each time this company has been here they have been knowledgable, courteous, taken care to not crush other plantings, and have cleaned up neatly. I appreciate that the trimmers know the correct way to make cuts, the correct time of year to do specific types of work, the safety measures taken, and how they listen to what my plans are as well as educate me in their process. This is a company that inspires customer loyalty. We highly recommed them!"

Review by C. and L. B. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"We’ve used Hendricksen Tree Care services on several occasions in recent years. They’ve done expert tree trimming of mature trees, large removals and disease control for us all with outstanding results. The company’s employees are first-rate, their equipment is state-of-the-art, and our landscaping is noticeably improved after their service. During a recent snowstorm, one of our large Austrian Pines was uprooted. Hendricksen Tree Care removed it expeditiously leaving our property with no trace of its removal. The Hendricksen teams servicing our needs have always been meticulous, professional and courteous doing top-notch work and exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend Hendricksen Tree Care and will continue to rely on their knowledge and expertise for all our future tree care needs."

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